Videos and a reminder to vote

A quick reminder to vote for your favorite Round 6 story (if you’ve read them). The poll and links to the stories are in THIS post.

We’ve had an uptick in votes as the various factions (… two factions …) weighed in for their favorites. There are about ten days left to the deadline, and them days will go by quick (there’s a holiday in there), so if you are interested in reading the stories (and voting), I suggest proactiveness.

Today, I share a few more recently recorded videos. Again, these videos were shot with the D7500. They were shot in 4K, but I downsampled them 10 1080p for publication. The file size differential makes the choice easy . . . unless I happen to have an amazing video. These are fine as presented.

First up, the action at one of the feeders. You can see another in the background, but this is zoomed in to just one feeder of the 13 I have spread around the house. The original recording is almost five minutes, but I pared it down to a bit over 3 minutes.

There is a spoked symbol on the lower right corner, next to the volume bars . . . There, you can choose both the quality and the speed of the reply. Obviously, I suggest the highest quality, and if you want to see the action a bit better, you can slow the speed down to half-speed since the D7500, unlike the P900, doesn’t have an option to record in slow-motion (that I know of).

Next up, two videos with wider views of the three feeders under our pergola. The last time I shared videos, they were of a different group of three feeders.

One video is almost two minutes, the other is a shade over one minute, and both give a decent idea of the kind of traffic I was getting up to a week ago.

They’ve since slowed down a bit, but they’re still somewhat swarming, only they do it in waves. Early morning (first light), fewer throughout the day, and heavier again in the evening.

I assume many are hummers already on their migration, coming down from up North.

Some days, I go through about a half gallon of sugar water. I’ve gone through close to 30 lbs of sugar so far. Again, if you want to slow the action, use the settings (spoked wheel on the lower right of the video window). Also, you can click on the logo to watch them outside the post (and on a larger frame).

Last up, a longish (three and a half minutes) video of one of the squirrels availing itself of the peanuts I provide.

Most people don’t have that kind of patience, but if you only want to watch a little bit, make it the last 30 seconds of the video. To frame the action, this was on one of them high 90s to over 100° F days, with the heat index topping 115°.

Note: I replaced the soundtrack for this video because I recorded it from inside the house, and I had music playing. Music that would likely trigger a copyright notice if I’d left it in the video. If you don’t like the music, click-n-drag on the blue volume bars; slide to the left to lower or mute.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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