Round 6 Title Stories voting reminder plus Paper Artist Stuff

The stories for Round 6 went live late on Sunday evening. That means that by the next morning — when people woke up and frantically grabbed their phones to make sure they didn’t miss anything unimportant — the links to the story posts were likely buried among tons of other links.

Meaning, some readers might have missed the publication posts. This I say because we’ve not gotten many views. That, of course, could also be due to the world going down in flames, and reading stories might not seem important. This, then, is a brief reminder that, yes, it is important. If not these stories, then read something else, but read.

The voting for Round 6 of the Title Writing Prompt Challenge closes at Noon, Tuesday, September 6th. If you are interested in reading the stories and voting, or if you’ve read the stories and have yet to vote, there’s no time like the present.

You can find the poll and stories links in THIS post.

As a service, I’ll link the stories below.

I do so because Perry and Gary both have stories that deserve to be read. A nod to Gary for writing what will likely and easily be the winner this round. You can pass mine up as I’m sure many people won’t find it worth reading and, should they read it, won’t like it.

E. J. D’Alise submission<<link
Edwina never dreamed she’d have to defend her choice. Now, she’s doing just that in justifying her antinatalism view.

Perry Broxson submission<<link
Jack, recently divorced, starts his second act. He finds a great new lady, only to lose her…inexplicably, to suicide. He has to know why, why, why she took her life. But that information will cost him dearly.

R. G. Broxson submission<<link
What makes a family uproot and risk everything for a new life? Follow a boy from Honduras as he and his mother and unborn sister make the treacherous journey to the land of opportunity. It won’t be easy. Hot on their heels is Satan, a ruthless gang banger that can’t afford to let them testify against him. Will they survive? Read and see.

Now, then . . . . Paper Artist.

I’ve shared some of Photoshop Mix creations that have then been modified or further processed using Paper Artist. After you globally process a photo, Paper Artist has the option ‘erase’ portions of the current processing to reveal another processing under it. I generally show either the one or other processing in their entirety, but I can also ‘write’ on the top process to show parts of the underlying one.

It’s easier to show than to describe. The orange with black dots treatments is the top process . . . I then used a brush to ‘paint’ away some of the top layer and show the bottom processing.

Sure, I can draw faces, but I’m more likely to draw patterns.

Here’s an example . . .

Of course, I usually draw somewhat orderly patterns as opposed to Pollock-like random scribbles.

Almost anything with lots of colors makes for a decent canvas.

The same base photo — in this case, doodles — can be used with different processes.

I’ll posit the notion that were I famous (or infamous), these might garner lots of attention. As often is the case, it’s not the art that matters to people; it’s who produces the art.

Here’s two more, and we’ll call it quits . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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