What?! More AI Art?

Yesterday I sort of dissed NightCafe . . . and, it’s true that trying to make something that looks realistic is a near-impossible task . . . so the answer is to not worry about realism and just go for broke, which is what I did . . .

but first, three offerings by Dream by WOMBO. I’m posting them because I find the engine fun to work with, and there are still many options I’ve not explored.

As mentioned before, the same prompt and style will not generate the same graphic because there’s also a random number generator that picks a seed photo. Of course, you can provide your own, but I’ve yet to try doing that.

I’ve not tried it because there are still many styles to try.

I wish they would be more consistent with their looks . . . the fact that two identical prompts and styles can give you drastically different results makes it difficult to plan out something specific.

In that regard, it’s fun to play with, but frustrating to create with.

But, on to NightCafe . . .

After a few days of accumulating credits, I ran the following prompt:

battle cruiser on the moon

In addition, I asked for three renderings, all in steampunk style and enhanced. This is what I got . . . and remember, I’ve given up on realism, and I’m just looking for stuff that’s interesting even if abstract.

So, not a battleship . . . heck, the first two look more like sneakers on the Moon. But, there is a hint of Moon-like landscape/coloring to the rendering, and there’s a definite steampunk vibe. Overall, not too bad.

Then I tried another trio of renderings with the following prompt and a slew of advanced modifiers.

Hummingbird in Space

All of those cost me around 28 credits. I’m now back down to single-digits in credits and hence limited in what I can generate for free.

So, let’s be honest about what I’m doing here . . . it’s a bit like someone playing scratch-off lottery tickets; they’re wasting their time (and money) but it’s fun when they win a few bucks.

In the case of these creations, they give a momentary hit of dopamine when you generate something you like (even if you can’t describe why you like it).

I mean, the last three offerings are bold, colorful, and hummingbird-ish . . . need there be more?

And, yes, a minute — or less — after reading this post, the few readers who saw the renderings will promptly forget about them . . . but, a few readers will say “Hey! That’s cool!” before forgetting all about them.

Those readers, in that brief moment, might forget predatory companies, crooked politicians, encounters with awful people, and life’s burdens that weigh them down.

. . . or, maybe not, now that I’ve reminded them.

Here; look at the renderings again.

Slideshow of the above photos.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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