More AI Art Shenanigans

Yesterday’s post covered three AI Art Generators, and the easiest site to play with — and it’s free — is Dream by WOMBO. Click on the link, enter a few words, pick a style, and you’re in business. And that’s what my sister AnnMarie and me did this afternoon over the phone.

I ran this on my computer
She ran the same prompt and style on her computer

Obviously, the same prompt and style choice doesn’t generate the same graphic, and that makes sense otherwise, we would have a finite number of possible results.

I mean, there probably is a finite number unless they have a quantum random number generator . . . but I could be wrong.

From here on, my trading cards have a title, whereas hers just say “Dream” for the title.

Anyway, we tried different prompts where we used the same words and styles . . .


Some, like this next pair, were closer than others . . .

Then we each tried different stuff. I tried these . . .

. . . while she tried these . . .

I don’t see the hummingbird features in that last one, but it looks very nice.

Notice we’re just entering words as opposed to describing scenes.

I don’t see the ‘Venice’ in that one . . . it looks more like Southwestern style homes. Here’s three more; one from AnnMarie, and two from me.

Again, not all of these — or maybe none — will be to everyone’s liking, but it’s both interesting and fun seeing how the AI interprets the text prompts (maybe, lots of fun).

As mentioned, there are many styles to try, and I look forward to playing a bit more with this AI. Sometimes, it hangs up, and I assume that has to do with bugs still being worked out (or too much traffic at the site). Just refresh and reenter the prompt, and you usually have results in a minute or so.

The SmugMug Gallery for these is HERE, and I didn’t do a slideshow because it’s just as easy going to SmugMug and running one yourself.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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