Title Writing Prompt Challenge Round 4 Voting Results — “Cold Heart”

And so it has come to pass that the voting for Round 4 of this great challenge has come to a close. All that’s left is to report on the results of the furious voting battle that took place over the past three weeks.

Thirty-five votes were cast during the course of three weeks since voting started, which I believe is a record for this challenge and approaches levels seen during the Alphabet Challenge. As usual, there were many late votes, but this time they favored Gary.

Someone running late and still wanting to express their appreciation for their favorite story can do so HERE, and, while any additional votes will not count, they will be registered for posterity. For them who still haven’t read the stories, here are the links and a teaser description:

E. J. D’Alise submission<<link
Is isekai tensei in your future? What is isekai tensei? Is it better than heaven? Well, I think so, but make sure you take control

R. G. Broxson submission<<link
Ripped from the tabloid headlines, this is a ‘what if?’ story that combines the talents of modern-day actors with the masters of great literature. Written in true Vonnegut fashion, this story will turn Hollywood upside down and put classic literature back in the bonfire.

Perry Broxson submission<<link
A kid named Emmerson Doodle came into the world in the usual way. But there was nothing usual about Emmerson — for starters, he was blue. Having been deprived of oxygen in the womb, Emmerson adapted and even thrived. As we find out, oxygen is poison to magic, stunting one’s magical Talents. Emmerson soon finds himself in perilous situations where his magical Talent is needed to save himself and his “girlfriend” Sofi. Spoiler alert: a fictional pigeon is killed in the telling of this story.

As a reminder, each writer wrote a story drawing on whatever inspiration they got from the title “Cold Heart”.

The voting closed today at Noon, but it was really won a few days ago when Gary surged to an insurmountable lead. Here are the results.

Congratulations to Gary for the win and Perry for the silver. It was a decisive win, with Gary smacking us around like ragless rag dolls.

There must have been some anime fans among the readers because I received 7 votes, a personal best for this challenge. I count this as a win in my private competition with myself.

A new title has been chosen (HERE), and the stories for that title — Rainman — are tentatively set to publish next week, on July 27th. As always, that’s a ‘fluid’ deadline.

Once again, these are the Paper Artist app’s rendition of the first photo above, itself the product of another app, Adobe Photoshop Mix (merging and blending of multiple photos) . . .

As some might remember from a few weeks ago (HERE), Photoshop Mix is an Android app (since discontinued) that allowed one to blend various photos.

I don’t remember the photos I Mixed, but I know at least one is of some leaves.

Here’s the monochrome rendition . . .

I’m trying to keep these short, so here’s the last of this series.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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