Third Round 4 Title Stories voting reminder plus Photoshop Mix and Paper Artist Stuff

As a reminder, Round 4 of the Title Writing Prompt challenge closes at Noon, Tuesday, July 19th. If interested in reading the stories and voting, tomorrow and Sunday are good days to do so . . . ’cause you know Monday will be busy, and there’s not enough time on Tuesday.

You can find the poll and stories links in THIS post if you have any inclination toward reading the stories and voting.

We had a small surge of votes after the last reminder, but we’ve once again stalled. Suffice it to say, the race for first is hotly contested . . . the race for third has already been decided.

Now, then . . . . Photoshop Mix.

For this post, a new original Photosho Mix offering, one that includes a starfish. . . a concrete one that sits on our patio . . .

Kind of neat, no?

As usual, this then gets the Paper Artist treatment . . .

. . . and again . . .

I don’t have enough to warrant a slideshow, but I’m providing the link to the gallery (HERE).

I’m not sure why I only did a few variations, but the next one is the last one of this series . . .

I know . . . a short post. Well, I figure people will be anxious to get going reading the stories, and I don’t want to keep them.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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