June 2022 Birds and/or Bugs — Part 1

I previously mentioned I’ve been snapping a lot of photos . . . so I have an excuse for not working on the story that’s due in a few weeks as I instead work on this post. This is a short post because I have other stuff to do (stuff that’s also not writing the story).

We begin with a series of flying photos . . . er . . . photos of flying things. Specifically, a Great Blue Heron.

This bird came over the trees as I was sitting on my patio. It was in early June, before temperatures started hitting 98° F (37° C) with heat indexes up to 115° F (46° C), and, as I’m oft wont to do, I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee. I managed the above five shots before it went out of sight.

Obviously, those are crops of larger photos consisting of mostly sky.

Note that the photos in this post are split between two SmugMug galleries. The bird photos are in THIS gallery, and the bug photos below are found in THIS gallery. As always, you can click on any photo for a larger version.

“Hey, Disperser . . . them look like flowers!”

So, that’s a crop of a photo of one of the flower pots Melisa planted. This particular pot stands about 17 feet from where I sit with a camera in one hand, and a coffee mug in the other. But, let’s crop a little closer . . .

Yup . . . a Solitary Bee (Carpenter Bee). Actually, in that photo, it looks like it could be a Bumblebee, but, in other photos, you can spot the absence of a hairy abdomen. Anyway, I was shooting at a shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second (I try to photograph birds in flight, especially when landing or taking off), so I was expecting to see photos of their wings ‘frozen’ in midbeat (they flap at around 230 beats per second), but they’re not well defined at this resolution and distance.

It apparently wasn’t too bothered by its ‘pollen butt’ and brazenly flashed it for me to see and photograph for, appropriately, posterity.

Now, can you spot the bug in this next photo? I mean, it’s not too difficult but people barely glance at stuff these days, what with being busy absorbing as much content as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It’s a Skipper Butterfly. Here are some photos of it feeding and even one of it flying, although because I captured it on the up-beat, it doesn’t look like it’s in flight.

The flying shot . . . with a fly thrown is as a bonus.

I’ll probably do a few more of these kinds of posts as I try to sort through the many photos I’ve shot. But, for now . . .

. . . that’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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