Winning title for Round 4 of the Title Challenge

Before announcing the winning title for Round 4 of the Random Title Challenge, another reminder to please read and vote for your favorite of the Round 3 stories (HERE). The voting closes on Sunday, June 12th.

The voting for the Round 4 Title closed yesterday at Noon (Central Time), and here are the results.

Considering three of the votes are from the writers and at least two IP addresses voted twice, I can’t rejoice at the turnout. Because of it, I’m deep in thought as to how to proceed for future rounds.

. . . perhaps I’ll just choose a title at random and dispense with the whole voting thing. Or, maybe, the writers will take turns choosing titles (also dispensing with voting).

The three writers — Perry, Gary, and me — now have three weeks to each write a story inspired by the title Cold Heart. The tentative date for publishing the Round 3 Stories is June 28th but it may stretch to the following Sunday (July 2nd). Although, since that’s a holiday weekend, I’m not sure how it will work out.

Once again, the second-place title is Forgotten Thoughts, and it will be the bonus title choice for Round 5. Perhaps one of these rounds it’ll be chosen . . . or finally cast aside and become but an asterisk entry in the annals of human history.

And now . . . a few flower photos using a treatment that was well-received in a previous post.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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