SmugMug Appreciation Sunday — No. 014

The background for these posts can be found in THIS post.

In brief, these posts serve to introduce new readers — and reintroduce regular readers — to photos from the early days of this blog and, occasionally, to photos from days before this blog came into existence.

Today, I continue with 85 photos from June and July, 2018. The 85 photos were originally shared in THESE and THIS posts. At the time, we were still in Hawaiʻi and I was using the Note 8. All of the photos from this gallery were snapped with the Note 8.

Anyway, on to the photos.

“Is that a real turtle?”

Why, no, Bob; it isn’t.

The representation of sea turtles can be found in much of Hawaiʻian art, be it commercial or amateur . . .

Anyway, many of these photos are about plants I’d come across in my island travels.

A different version of the same fruit.

While there, we tried to continue our habit of visiting antique shops . . . but most were either high-end or dealing in used clothing. Of course, sometimes we would see something interesting.

Phones are not the best for capturing photos of critters, but occasionally I luck out, thanks to obliging reptiles.

As I mentioned before, landscapes, flowers, and art were my typical subjects.

Sometimes, rocks caught my fancy . . . most are either from coral or lava.

And, occasionally, some of the many homeless people frequenting the tourist areas.

Kona is big for billfish fishing. This a commemoration of a record fish caught sometime or other. . .

Next up, a famous canoe . . . I may have something about it in the original post, but maybe not. Since few click on links, I won’t bother finding the info for it.

It might be their canoe . . .
Plumeria . . . a flower I like very much.

I’ll end with some personal items . . .

One of my breakfasts . . .
. . . and some bowls we had.

And, of course, a variation of them . . .

It’s two small galleries, but diverse in their offerings.

Note: the transition is set to 2sec, but — if you move the cursor anywhere within the photo — you’ll see a pause button on the lower left, and, once paused, you can use the left and right arrows on both sides of the photo to navigate the slideshow. If you click anywhere in the photo instead of the pause button, you’ll exit the slideshow and find yourself in SmugMug. You can still scroll through the photos, or interact in other ways.

Slideshow of Samsung Note 8 Photos — June 2018 photos (48 photos)

Slideshow of Samsung Note 8 Photos — July 2018 photos (37 photos)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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