A look back at Project 313 — Part 3

“Hmm,” readers are saying. Project 313 had 313 posts (duh!) and these posts cover ten posts at a time. That means … carry the one … HOLY CRAP! There’s gonna be at least thirty-one of these?”

And here me thinking readers can’t do math . . . anyway, they’re wrong. Some of the posts are fairly long, so I cover fewer of them at one time. That means there will be more than thirty-one posts.

Anyway, we’re at Post No. 021. Remember how I said that upcoming posts would be short? Well, I lied . . . we’re actually entering a string of fairly lengthy posts. Post No. 021 is actually one of the shorter posts I’m covering today. It deals with ponderings about Art (again, the result of creative processes and not a guy name Art), quantity versus quality, and the problem of letting bloggers know you visited without engaging too much.

In Post No. 022, I bemoan the state of the Internet, and specifically Google. At that time, Google was obviously heading toward being an evil corporation. Now, four years later, it’s made it, and then some.

What is Critical Thinking? Well, Post No. 23 explains it using Spam. I mean Spam as the delicious and healthy food stuff, and not spam as the tons of emails one gets, all offering the secret to all that is good in the world for three easy payments of $19.99. But wait! act now, and they’ll also throw in — for free — the secret to all that is mediocre in the world.

Remember how I mentioned I’m reluctant to give advice that might improve one’s life? Well, that’s me not giving advice; I’m just complaining about all the stuff I do.

Post No. 024 deals with the incongruities one has to deal with if one believes god made this place for us. Pretty much everything around us is in a race to kill us before we kill each other. It’s hard to imagine a god that couldn’t figure out that bacteria, viruses, cancer, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and politicians had no value to life and, in fact, contribute to a lot of its misery.

Wait . . . politicians are our own doing, but the rest … I mean, what’s up with that stuff? Why is it here in the first place?

In Post No. 25, I contemplate dreams. While imaginary, dreams can nonetheless affect one’s waking mood. For the record, I put no stock in dreams meaning anything. Basically, it’s your mind entertaining itself and taking you along for a ride. No more, no less.

The next post struck a chord with some readers (one) and triggered a lengthy comments exchange that’s multiple times longer than the post. You see, I happen to say a few things about Free Will.

If you want to read two people going round and round about the topic, you’re in luck. Post No. 026 and its comments will provide you with more than you can ever dream of reading on the subject . . . and the ironic thing is that I’d just had a post about dreams. By the way, the whole issue of Free Will is still up in the air. (Note: don’t even think of starting that conversation here unless you read every word of the post and comments. And even then . . . don’t!)

Following that post, I pondered about my preoccupation with preoccupation about stuff that preoccupates humans. Things like one’s purpose in life and how we perceive said life. While neither I nor anyone else has any ideas about the ‘reason’ we exist, it doesn’t keep me and others from pondering the matter.

All to no avail, of course. Basically, we should just accept we didn’t exist for a very long time, then we existed for a very brief time, and then we won’t exist until the end of time, but you can read other stuff I say in Post No. 027.

After all them ‘heavy’ posts, Post No. 28, Post No. 29, and Post No. 30 are mercifully short. But, as always, still work a look.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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