A look back at Project 313 — Part 2

We’ve established revisiting the Project 313 offerings is primarily an exercise in laziness, but it’s also because I’m busy with stuff. Ain’t ‘stuff’ a great word? I use it for all manner of things since it can encompass pretty much anything.

So, where were we? Ah, yes . . . we’re approaching the teens. Post No. 011 and Post No. 012 are short offerings. Aside from the photos, cartoons, and doodles, there are few words, but, even if succinct, you’ll find quirky takes on both pressing and mundane topics.

In Post No. 013, I comment on what — four years later — is still a common issue with ‘newer’ blogs, although I’ve encountered the same thing in some longer-running blogs. What is it?

You should click on the link and read the post, but, in brief, it’s the lack of — or, incomplete — ‘About’ page. Why does this matter?

My sole source for possible new bloggers to follow is from comments on either this blog or a blog I follow. Usually, I’ll know from the comment whether I have any interest in the person making the comment. If mildly curious, I’ll check out their ‘About’ page before bothering to read their posts.

That’s what I recommend to readers before subscribing to my blog; read the About and F.A.Q. pages. I had one reader who called me pretentious for having both an About and F.A.Q. page, but the real reason I have both and regularly update them is to avoid potential conflicts.

Post No. 014 has a link to — and a brief summary of — a video of a BBC interview with Ansel Adams. If you’re a photographer, you might want to hear what he has to say about photography, post-processing, and what we mean by a ‘realistic’ photo.

Have you ever left home and — once sufficiently away from home — realized you forgot your phone? Well, in Post No. 015 I ponder the phenomenon of stress induced by a dependency you might not realize you have. That was four years ago, so I imagine it’s multiple times worse now. Oh, I also comment about the subjectivity of Art (the result of the creative process, not of a guy named Art).

As I make my way to the twentieth post, readers might realize that significant time was invested in these posts. Given that very few people read them, one might entertain the notion they were a colossal waste of time. Since I’m enjoying revisiting them, the answer is “no” — they were time well spent because I enjoyed creating them and because I’m entertained revisiting them.

Plus, many posts have comments I still find interesting and or entertaining. For one, ElBob often chimed in, and I still get a kick from our banter.

Routines. If you want to read my thoughts on routines — how they can help, how they can hurt — then you’ll want to read Post No. 016. I still feel mostly the same, except that maybe I’m not as rigorous about fighting routines because I’m better at coping with disruptions (usually).

In Post No. 017 I ponder the relationship between time and goals we might have. I’m at the age where I have to compromise and give up on some of the things I once thought I would achieve. For instance, I’ve given up on ever achieving my goal of becoming a star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, I kid . . . I’ve not given up on that dream. However, I’ve given up on stepping on all the continents, walking on the Moon, or seeing a time when the evil consequences of religious thought — and religion in general — are but a distant memory. That last one in particular seems to be heading the wrong way. I fully expect the US to someday be an oppressive theocracy. Heck, we’re practically there now.

To them who know me, saying that I’m a confident person might sound like a gross understatement; conceited, is what they would agree to. Such is the burden I must bear, but I touch on the underlying reasons in Post No. 018. Is it worth a read? Well, duh! I wrote it, so of course it is! Everything I write is worth reading!

But readers might not know I worry that people might look at me and say something stupid, like “I want to be like that guy! I’m going to live my life based on what he says!

While on the surface it might sound like the world would be a better place, Post No. 019 explains why that would be the end of civilization as we know it. So, while I freely dispense life lessons that could improve one’s life, I don’t think anyone should heed them. Not if we want civilization to survive.

If you’ve been reading all the offered awesomeness, you’re smarter, yes, but also emotionally exhausted by all the deep wisdom you’ve had to absorb in a relatively short amount of time. Well, you’ll then welcome Post No. 020 because it’s short and mostly lacking in wisdom.

Oh, who am I kidding!? Daunted by the prospect of having to think, I doubt anyone read any of the offered posts. Well, if you skipped all them posts because they sounded too ‘heavy’, then Post No. 020 is for you. Also, a few posts following Post No. 020, but we’ll cover those in the next update.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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