Title Writing Prompt Challenge — Round 3: Vote for your favorite title

The Title Writing Prompt Challenge is evolving.

Meaning, I’m again taking a page from WordPress and changing the rules on the fly.

I originally described in THIS post that we’d have readers suggest ten titles, then have a three-day voting period, and then we’ll each write a story with our interpretation of the title that receives the most votes. Then, I changed the rules by removing the reader’s inputs and going with randomly-generated titles (HERE).

And now, I’m changing the rules again. Because only a few titles get votes, and because I hate wasting titles, I’m reducing the number of available titles to five (5).

The good news is that they will be higher quality titles, curated by yours truly.

But wait! . . . there’s more.

. . . but first . . . a photo.

Tell me the top flower isn’t trying to climb out of the stem!

Here are the new brank-spanking-new rules for this challenge as they pertain to title selections and voting.

  • I’ll pull titles from one of three sources that provide random titles.
  • I’ll chose ten five titles.
  • Readers will have five days a week to vote for their favorite title.
  • The title with the second highest number of votes will appear as one of the titles in the following round.

As mentioned, most titles are interchangeable between genres and it’s up to the writer to choose whatever type of story they want to pen. The reason for the last rule is that gives what might be a good title another chance.

It should be obvious, but I’ll say it … I’m choosing titles from a large list, and my criterium is to keep them fairly general. For instance, The Spoon might make it as a title, but The Silver-plated Spoon with the Rose Design and Missing Tip would likely not get picked.

I think vague and non-descript titles will offer writers greater latitude and inspiration.

“Enough with the blabber! Give us the titles!”

OK, OK . . . The titles from Round 3 of the challenge come from THIS site and are:

Titles for Round 3:
Fire in the Night
The Search
Forgotten Thought
The Snow Oath
Of Broken Things

So, here’s the poll. Note that the titles will be presented in random order. Meaning, that each time you visit the post, the titles might be in a different order. My suggestion is to vote for something that strikes your curiosity chord.

Voting ends at Noon, Tuesday, April 26th

So, about the above photo . . . that’s from the garden of friends who live on The Big Island.

Here are a couple of processed versions of the original . . .

Anyway, that’s that . . . and, if you’re not bored to tears, remember to vote for your title preference.

While you’re at it, you can also read and cast your vote for one of the Round 2 Stories HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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