February 2022 Ice Storm Macros

The Face of Happiness

I previously shared photos from the minor ice storm we experienced in late February (HERE). Those photos were taken with the D100 and D200 . . . and today I want to quickly share the photos I snapped with the D7500.

I say quickly because I’m tired and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time and effort, but want to share the photos that have been languishing in my computer for a while.

I know the title says macro, but the first few photos are not macros . . . sorry, but we’ll get to the macros quickly enough.

I wanted to share the effect of the ice on the trees, but the details are too fine for wide angles. Some might go to the SmugMug gallery (HERE) and actually zoom in, but most won’t.

The trees still look nice, but they don’t have the same visual impact as being there.

This next photo is included because I accidentally shot it out of focus . . . but it works.

I liked it so much that I tried duplicating it by taking an in-focus shot and processing it with Topaz Impression.

Not quite, but not bad. However, what I wanted to show is a better view of the ice coating the branches. So, I progressively zoomed closer . . .

You can see a bit of the effect if you go to the full-size version in SmugMug, but I wanted to show it here as well.

By the way, the individual photos are embedded from SmugMug, but I had to upload the photos for the gallery. Bummer that, as they use up storage space.

Anyway, eventually, I realized I needed to put away the zoom lens and bring out the 105mm macro.

I wasn’t happy with the results because of the depth of field, so I kept looking for angles that would allow me to isolate the ice elements . . . and not doing a great job of it.

It turns out that ice is surprisingly difficult to focus on, especially when branches are moving around.

But I eventually managed some decent shots . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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