Title Writing Prompt Challenge Round 1 Voting Results — “The Great Metaphysician”

And so it has come to pass that the voting for Round 1 of this great challenge has come to a close. All that’s left to do is to report on the results of the furious voting battle that took place over the past three weeks.

Twenty-four votes is a pretty good turnout for us, especially considering the lengthy time period between title voting, publication of stories, and voting period.

While any additional votes will not count, if the casual reader is moved by curiosity to read the stories, the stories can be found at the following links:

R. G. Broxson submission<<link

Perry Broxson submission<<link

E. J. D’Alise submission<<link

As a reminder, each writer wrote a story drawing on whatever inspiration they got from the title “The Great Metaphysician”.

The voting closed today at Noon, and the race was tight . . . tight, that is, for about two-thirds of the writers.

Congratulations to Perry and Gary for their shared win. I didn’t think my story was that bad, but readers have spoken. I now don’t know what to think about the two people who voted for my story . . . pity votes, maybe?

A new title has been chosen (HERE) but, because of a slight miscalculation, the stories for that title — Something Gained — are not due until April 17th. These long delays between offerings are likely to foster continued apathy for this challenge, but going back to a two-week schedule, like we had for the alphabet stories, is more gruelingness than any of the writers care to suffer.

So, until then . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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