Reminder to vote and some blog maintenance

The Terrain Dictates the Pattern

A quick reminder: the voting window for the stories titled The Great Metaphysician closes at Noon on Tuesday, April 5th. If interested in reading and voting, the links to the stories and the poll can both be found HERE.

OK, on to some blog maintenance . . .

I’m currently posting recurring series I call ‘Projects’ . . .

  1. Jokes of the Week — Mondays
  2. Teapots and/or Teacups Tuesdays
  3. Wordless Today — Wednesdays
  4. Throwback Today — Thursdays
  5. Fiction Friday
  6. SmugMug Appreciation Sunday

It should be understood these are all things (projects) I enjoy doing.

. . . but . . .

When I start something and repeat it for a bit, it becomes a habit, and habits have this nasty side effect . . . namely, they tend to morph into something like an obligation.

Not so much that I’m forced to maintain these posts, but rather that I feel a disturbance in the universe when I don’t. To be sure, this is entirely self-generated. Were I to miss posting any or all of those, I doubt more than 2-3 people would even notice.

And, that’s the thing . . . I got a notice yesterday that I’ve posted something every day for 48 days. That’s because some of those posts have become habits and self-imposed obligations.

This post came about from me last night remembering that I hadn’t gotten a Throwback Today post ready for today. I actually considered snapping a few photos with the D100, playing with them a bit, and hastily doing a post . . . and it would have been crap.

It would have been something thrown together just for the sake of putting something up. What stopped me?

The realization that I was doing it out of habit, and not necessarily for my benefit or the reader’s benefit.

Well, screw that!

. . . time for a change . . .

Here’s what I’ve come up with: for now and in the foreseeable future, there will be three regular posts each week, and the others will ‘float’, appearing when I feel like it and if I’m not working on something else.

The three ‘for sure’ posts are: Jokes of the Week (on Monday), Wordless Today (on Wednesdays), and SmugMug Appreciation Sunday.

The others — Teapots and/or Teacups Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fiction Friday — will continue, but not weekly. When the mood strikes me, I’ll publish one (or more).

What do it all mean?

It means there might be days without any posts. There might be days with multiple posts. There might be posts about other stuff I’ve been neglecting (trip reports and stuff).

Most of these projects started out of boredom laziness. They are characterized by being fairly easy to do; something I can mindlessly work on as I contemplate the meaning of Nutella instead of doing productive work.

Yeah, but what do it mean to readers? Well . . . nothing.

Readers can still read what they want to read, ignore what they want to ignore, subscribe, unsubscribe, rejoice, get depressed . . . so, actually, not so much ‘nothing’ as same-old, same-old.

I suspect that, just like with this post, the majority will take a peek, and then . . .

Hmm . . . nothing of interest; I’m outta here.

“Well, then, why write this post in the first place?”

Weren’t you paying attention? Laziness.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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