Throwback Today — 004

As mentioned, these posts are a chance for me to get my D100 and D200 out, make sure the batteries are charged and there’s a fresh CF memory card waiting to receive photos, and go out and shoot with them old workhorses.

Instead, once again, I decided to continue with the photos recently salvaged from the D200’s memory card. Today, more photos from 2013. A few photos from Yellowstone National Park that I missed last week, and flowers from our yard in Colorado.

Yellowstone 2013 — Bighorn Sheep (female)

Per my current workflow, that’s been processed through PureRaw, Luminar AI, Color Efex Pro 4, and Lightroom. It sounds like a lot, but most of it is automated. It’s only the finishing touches in Lightroom CC that are interactive.

All these shots were taken with the D200 and the Nikon 80-400mm lens at maximum zoom (600mm equivalent) . . .

Yellowstone 2013 — Bighorn Sheep (female)

They were way up the face of a steep face, and these shots are cropped.

This next shot gives the impression the sheep is singing . . .

Yellowstone 2013 — Bighorn Sheep (female)

. . . followed by a smug look of satisfaction . . .

Yellowstone 2013 — Bighorn Sheep (female)

Yes, that shot is blurry . . . likely camera movement (the D200 is a large camera, and the 80-400mm is a big lens, and they can sometimes be difficult to keep still, especially if shooting almost straight up).

But, you know what? I have Topaz Sharpen AI . . .

Yellowstone 2013 — Bighorn Sheep (female) — processed with Topaz Sharpen AI

Ain’t modern technology wonderful? It can make even mediocre photographers look like they got some talent squirreled away somewhere.

For them not familiar with my kind of humor, the sheep wasn’t singing. Likely, it was chewing its cud.

Pink Geraniums

We used to have a lot of flowers in Michigan . . . I mean, a lot. Colorado was a close second, if not in volume, certainly in variety. Geraniums are some of my favorite flowers because they go balls out all Summer and well into the Fall . . . flower, upon flower, upon flower, they just keep producing.

Red Geraniums

Textures and details of both the plant and flower are favorite subjects of mine.

Red Geraniums
Red Geraniums

I had never seen balloon flowers until we moved to Colorado . . . .

Balloon Flower

I know, I know . . . it don’t look like a balloon . . . but here’s what they look like before they open up . . . .

Balloon Flower
Balloon Flower (before and after)

Another flower I photographed a lot while living in Colorado (and even here) is the African Daisy.

African Daisy
African Daisies

Delphinium . . . sounds like a Greek god of old, but no, it’s a flower. While I like them in general, I was partial to the ‘Blue Butterfly’ variety. Since they self-seed, I ended up having a lot and having to thin them every few seasons.

‘Blue Butterfly’ Delphiniums

Stella D’Oro Daylilies are another variety that flowers all Summer and into the Fall . . .

Stella D’Oro Daylily

I’m even partial to the seed pods for the texture . . .

Stella D’Oro Daylily

I can’t remember what these are and I’m too lazy to look them up (good project for readers who are bored and have nothing else to do), but I like them . . .

Purple Trumpet Funnel Something or Other?

Next up, some Autumn Sedum Joy flowers (a favorite of butterflies, bees, and various other insects).

This is another example where I had to resort to Sharpen AI . . . for some reason, I always had trouble photographing this plant; it either came out blurry or out of focus . . . but no more. The first photo is as it was shot and with my attempts at cleaning it up. The second is the same photo with a bit of sharpening boost from Sharpen AI. If you click on the gallery and go back and forth between the photos, you can notice the difference in sharpness.

I have one more photo of leaves from a bush whose name I forget (it might have been James) . . .

Red leaves Bush of Plenty(?)

I know there aren’t many photos in this post, but I’m trying to clean up the stragglers I found on the memory cards . . . soon, I hope, I’ll start showing recent photos from both the D100 and the D200.

There is a SmugMug Gallery for the above photos HERE.

Here’s a WP gallery of the above:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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