Teapots and/or Teacups Tuesday — 014

You can see the full-size photos in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  

And, of course, variations … BUT, in galleries because I’m pressed for time lazy.

The second batch of photos for this sugar bowl and creamer. The first twelve were shared last week. Now, same subjects, different poses, and different treatments.

The creamer right-side view . . .

These photo edits were done using a combination of Lightroom, Luminar Neo, Color Efex Pro 4, and On1 2010 suite. I ended up with twenty-eight mainly because I was playing with Luminar Neo, even though these photos aren’t exactly suited to putting Neo through its paces.

The creamer left-side view . . .

Dang! Here’s that crap ‘linear tiled’ gallery again. I shall never stop singing the praises of the block editor . . . once it’s actually working. Until then, ptui!

and now, the sugar bowl left-side (or right side) view . . .

And here’s the sugar bowl right-side (or left-side) view . . .

And this concludes the showing of this sugar bowl and creamer.

I’m writing this a couple of weeks in advance . . . what are the chances the world got its head on straight and is working toward getting better? well, I’m not taking any bets, that’s for sure.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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