SmugMug Appreciation Sunday — No. 003

The background for these posts can be found in THIS post.

Basically, these posts are a way to introduce new readers — and reintroduce regular readers — to photos from the early days of this blog and, occasionally, to photos from days before this blog came into existence.

I’m writing this on February 28th . . . so, if civilization has ended in a massive nuclear holocaust . . . well, I hope it was quick. Seriously, this feels worse than the 60s and 70s . . . we’re talking at least one world leader saying nuclear weapons are not off the table even for a “special action”.

Still, we live in constant hope that we’ll get to live . . . so, let me get on with this . . .

Today, we have a MASSIVE gallery . . . 523 photos. Sure, some are duplicates with different treatments, but not as many as one might think.

What could possibly warrant such a massive gallery?

It was the 2015 Tri-Lakes Cruisers 14th Annual Car Show.

The main post for the show is HERE, but photos were spread out over a number of posts, often combined with other stuff (HERE).

It was a beautiful day, and while rain made an appearance at the very end of it, the weather was gorgeous and contributed to the quality of the photos (I’ve been told they’re not bad).

I made two circuits up and down the rows of cars. Meaning, up one side and down the other taking photos of the cars, and then up one side and down the other with a macro lens on the camera to get photos of emblems and details.

As I mentioned in the post, I snapped about 750 photos. Obviously, I didn’t use all the photos, but enough . . .

This was the first (and only) classic car show I attended, and I had (and have) no idea what’s the best way to photograph these beauties, but, I enjoyed myself immensely giving it a go.

I was probably one of the few people who were more interested in the photo opportunities than the cars. Unlike most of the car enthusiasts, I didn’t speak to anyone, didn’t ask questions about the engine, parts, or shiny bits . . . I just snapped photos.

But, truthfully, there were many cars I wouldn’t have minded owning . . . you know, if I had a garage like Jay Leno and a team of mechanics at my disposal. Them cars ain’t cheap to maintain!

I mentioned macros . . .

I could go on and on and on . . . but, instead . . .

. . . the link below takes you to the slideshow in SmugMug.

Note: the transition is set to 2sec, but — if you move the cursor anywhere within the photo — you’ll see a pause button on the lower left, and, once paused, you can use the left and right arrows on both sides of the photo to navigate the slideshow. I left the captions on for them who might want to read them. If you click anywhere in the photo instead of the pause button, you’ll exit the slideshow and find yourself in SmugMug. You can still scroll through the photos, or interact in other ways.

Slideshow of the Tri-Lakes 14th Annual Cruisers Show gallery (523 photos)

For obvious reasons, there’s no companion gallery with this post . . . even the most enthused readers might find 523 photos a bit much.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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