Seven Deadly Sins Challenge — Awards and Wrap-up

Time to wrap up the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, give credit where credit is due, and summarize the audience participation.

Normally, we’d have statements from the individual writers, but since they both work and one is traveling, I offered to extend my thanks on behalf of all of us. And so, here goes nothing . . .

First, we apologise for the lack of consistency in publishing the stories. The one month period between stories should have been enough, but life, jobs, and more life sometimes conspired to delay us . . . and yes, a bit can be attributed to a lack of firm commitment to the schedule.

Second, we greately appreciate the time investment by the readers, their willingness to vote, and the comments that were offered. While we write for our own enjoyment, it’s helpful knowing there are at least a few others enjoying the fruits of our labors.

Humbly and honestly, we thank all those who participated with us in this challenge, and look forward to providing more tales for your enjoyment.

On a personal note, I’ll mentioned the awareness that this particular challenge wasn’t for everybody. Certainly, I made no bones regarding my lack of enthusiasm once we actually started writing. While it sounded as if it might be fun when we were discussing it, once I started writing, I had a difficult time working within the narrow confines of the premise.

To be clear, that was primarily my problem as neither of The Twins found it taxing. Kudos also to Perry who undertook a greater task by planning connected stories for a novella.

Regardless, I know Gary and Perry enjoyed the effort, and, truth be told, I’m not that unhappy with most of the stories. I had some good fun writing a good number of them.

So, where are we with the tally? Well, here it be.

Using the same scoring method as we used for the Alphabet Challenge, a first place finish awarded the writer three points, second place earned two points, and last place earned one point.

It should be noted that Perry losing his phone during the sixth round kept me from sweeping last place . . . on any normal week, there would have been more votes for his story, but he failed to get the notice of the stories out to his contacts. Anyway, here’s how the voting went down . . .

As can be seen, it’s not close at all. Gary cleaned our clocks, and he did it by offering imaginative stories with interesting characters. Perry wasn’t far behind, but he might have been hurt by the length of his stories, a couple topping 13K words. Perry’s stories also required readers to have read all the previous stories. Well, not required, but if one hadn’t, some plot points, character traits, and actions scenes might have lost new readers.

I’m not making excuses for Perry or said he should have won; Gary was consistently on point with stories that engaged the readers, and for that, Gary deserves the win and our congratulations.

Without further ado, here are the awards . . .

Congratulations, Gary, for a job well done.

Readers who are new to the blog and who would like to peruse some — or all — of the stories can do so by clicking on THIS link for a post that has links to all twenty-one stories sorted by author..

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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