Title Writing Prompt Challenge — Vote for your favorite title

. . . and Gary, Perry, and I will each write a story using the title with the most votes.

As described in THIS post, our next writing challenge is to have readers suggest ten titles, then have a three-day voting period, and then we’ll each write a story with our interpretation of the title that receives the most votes. And, of course, once finished, readers get to vote on the results of our efforts.

The suggestion period for titles ended at noon today (Central Time). We got a somewhat disappointing seven (7) votes from our readers, and per what I said before, the short-fall was made up using THIS automatic random title generator. Meaning, the last three titles in the above poll are from the random title generator.

The titles are presented in the order they were received, and it’s now up to you, our esteemed readers, to vote for which title you would like to see turned into three probably very different short stories.

Voting ends at Noon, Monday, February 21st

I didn’t prepare any specific photos for this, but I had some just hanging around, waiting to be used . . .

First, a gallery of a mounted Eagle at the Crab Orchard National Refuge Visitor Center. Coincidentally, I saw an eagle soaring above our house just three days ago.

Second, one of my favorite meals, on one of my favorite plates, with my favorite tableware, all on a placemat made by Melisa.

Some might not find it appetizing, but that’s only because they’ve not tasted it . . . and they’re not gonna because I ain’t sharing.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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