Give us your titles

A few people have asked what we — Perry, Gary, and me — will be doing at the end of the Seven Deadly Sins Writing Challenge. After some discussion, we’ve come up with an idea.

Is it a good idea?

We don’t know, but we like the concept, so we’re going ahead with it. And yes, we realize the SDS challenge hasn’t ended. By the way, you can still vote for the SDS stories HERE after you read them (if you haven’t read them, the links are in the post as the poll).

Anyway, our idea is a Title Writing Prompt Challenge, summarized thus:

  1. We solicit titles from our readers. That would be you!
  2. The first ten (10) suggestions will be put up for a vote. Readers (that would be you) will then vote for their favorite title.
  3. The winning title will be turned into short stories by the writers. That would be us!

That’s the simple outline. Let me give you a few more details after more photos . . . er . . . after different versions of the same photo . . .

We’ll accept suggestions until we have ten titles, or a week has passed, whichever comes first. Meaning, the last possible moment to suggest a title is noon (Central Time) next Friday, February 18th, but the suggestion window will close once we reach ten titles.

One suggestion per reader seems a fair way to do this.

What happens if after a week we don’t have ten titles? Well, I’ll go HERE and get as many titles as needed to make up the shortfall.

Once we have ten titles, I’ll run a poll. Rather than a long period to vote, I’ll announce the poll the day prior to it going live, and then readers (that would be you) will have three days to vote.

The writers (that would be us) will then have three weeks to write a story (any genre, any subject) inspired by the winning title. As usual, once published, readers will be able to vote for their favorite story.

The current thinking is to keep stories between 1,500 and 4,000 words. We’ll try to commit to that range, although that’s been tough to enforce in the past. Gary suggested penalizing one vote for every 100 words over the limit. We’ll see.

These are the parameters as of now. They are subject to change should common sense and the universal laws of chaos demand it, but we’re all in agreement as of now.

Titles suggestions can be submitted in the comments below, or you can email them to me (I’ll timestamp suggestions to make sure they are considered in the order received).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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