Tiny Thoughts 004 — Movies

I recently updated my Blogger blog (HERE). For the profile, they ask one’s preference in music and movies.

Music has always been a mixed bag for me and it continues so. Very little rap, little-to-no country, no gospel, no opera, and little to no showtunes/musicals — although I like a few musical scores from movies. 

In the last 4-5 years, I’ve added epic music into my playlist and a few recent music/songs that crossed my path, but I can’t point to any specific trigger that makes me like a song or a piece of music. 

As someone said, I’ll know it when I hear it.

Movies — the subject of this piece. Most movies I’d listed as favorites way back in 2010 are still the same movies I would watch again today, and the list doesn’t include many from the last 20 years.

I should update the list with the few I’ve enjoyed since 2010. I’ll do that eventually (few read this blog, and I doubt the other blog will get over 1-2 incidental views a year).

In the past twenty years, they’ve not made many movies I’d include in my favorites or I would care to watch, let alone rewatch. The last movie I enjoyed enough to buy was Guardians of the Galaxy (2017). Before that, John Wick (2014), and Red (2011). Three or four movies between 2000-2010, and everything else, from the last century.

Wait! Alita: Battle Angel (2019). I forgot about that one. I need to buy that movie — Hey!, what do you know! Amazon had it on sale for $3.99. Score!

The point is, I’m grumpier, or modern movies are mostly crap. Alita was the last movie I was interested in enough to watch in a theater. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu movies I tolerated well enough, but they were free with subscriptions I already paid for. I wouldn’t shell out a few bucks to watch them, nor watch them again for free. 

I’ve tried to identify the problem. In part, it’s definitively me . . . I’ve become stingier with my time, less tolerant of wasting it. But that also points to the movies themselves. The best I can say is that so many movies are plain stupid. have lousy plots, incredible action (as in, impossible to believe), and unrelatable unsympathetic characters. 

I watch a lot of trailers hoping to find new entertainment content. Assuming trailers are showing you the movie in the best light possible, I’m saddened by what’s offered — and even more by how well they do. And, SO MANY horror movies!

I fear I’ve become a Stranger in a Strange (Entertainment) Land. 

I just scrolled through all major 2021 movies and I came up with only one that I would like to watch: Nobody.

It’s one of the reasons I’m watching more anime series (and a few anime movies). Not U.S. animated movies; those are mostly for kids, crap, or both.

~ 0 ~

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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