Tiny Thoughts 002 — Vaccines and Freedom

Using the concept of “freedom” when discussing vaccines is an example of people cheapening ideals that should drive nations to improve the human condition, and using them instead as weapons in petty squabbles to serve the ‘higher cause’ of partisanship.

No one can explain how vaccination requirements impinge on their freedom any more than the requirement of a driver license and insurance before you take to the road.

People attack rules addressing personal safety, social order and social safety not out of honest concern, but for political advantage driven by ignorance stoked by ‘influencers’ who know better but feed the unthinking mobs for personal, political, and monetary gains.

Throughout history, humans were both wary of anyone who might be sick and dreaded getting sick themselves . . . but not now.

Apparently, it’s now your ‘right’ to be sick and infect others. Some even claim we’ll be better and stronger because of it, and argue provisions aimed at safeguarding both your health and the health of others threaten freedom. Just how stupid are these people?

I deliberately use the word ‘stupid’ because it takes a stupid person to set aside common sense, and especially to set aside hard-won common sense. The world may have a nebulous picture of what happened during the Black Death outbreak, but we have pictures, letters, articles, and journals of what happened during the Spanish Flu outbreak in the early part of the 20th century.

Only stupid people resist learning, and only monumentally stupid people ignore what we have learned in the past, often at substantial cost, and only hopelessly stupid people will put themselves and loved ones in danger because of political ideology.

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