Quick preview post no. 2 and more looking back

Yup, still busy . . . these days are just flying by and before I know it, it’s late at night. So, more samples of photos that will appear in future posts (with others, of course). Yesterday morning, a few Northern Mocking birds frolicked in my backyard . . .

They gave me lots of opportunities to get decent photos both with the D7500 (above) and the P900 (below).

OK, OK, the last two are of a female Cardinal.

As you can see, the P900 — given the right conditions — is no slouch.

Also, a rare butterfly hung around long enough for me to get a few shots, again, both with the D7500 and the P900 (combined in the following gallery).

After the one or two broods of Grackles and Robins in the Spring and early Summer, birds make themselves scarce around here . . . until the fall. I look forward to more avian visitors in the coming month.

As far as looking back, I give you a LINK to a post about the meaning of life. Heavy shit, it be. I mean, was. That post was prompted by a question of a friend.

Here’s the thing about that post . . . the discussion got derailed by a self-identified champion of . . . well, I’m not sure what. Ultimately, she was a troll, and I should have treated her like a troll rather than spend lots of time discussing why she acted like a troll.

It was one of the few times I considered deleting the whole comment thread but decided to leave it up there for future generations to ponder.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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Note 2: it’s perfectly OK to share a link that points back here.


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