Redone Master Bedroom Closet

I’ve been busy this past week redoing our Master Bedroom closet. This next photo shows a photo of the closet as it appeared in the real estate listing (February 2019). Meaning, those are not our clothes (we don’t have anywhere near that many clothes).

As we’re not fans of those wire shelves, we decided (after two years and after doing other stuff) to update the closet.

We looked around for a while before settling on the Designer Image modular system at Menard’s (LINK).

We bought those pieces and a few more to make our own design. Of course, before replacing the wire shelves, I had to repair the holes and repaint the walls and ceiling.

Not all the pieces were in stock so we had to wait a few days for some of the extra pieces we ordered.

My original estimate was have it done in a few days . . . maybe three, but it turned out it was five days and a tad because I had to brute-force the pieces to conform to our vision. That, and the walls are not perfectly vertical or square.

Plus, while not exactly cheap, the cabinets are also not top-of-the-line stuff, and while most of the stuff went together pretty well, some I was not happy with and that forced a few compromises and on-the-fly changes in the design. However, here it is (approximately the same view as the listing’s photo).

The left and right lower sections are set up for two shoe caddies that we already had (not that we have that many shoes, but we can use them for other stuff as well).

We’re going to see how the clothes fit in the available hanging space and cabinets (should be fine). If we need more hanging space, I’ll add a rod in the lower portion of the center section. However, our preference is to have two additional shelves there. We’ll see.

Here are a few more views of the (nearly) finished set-up.

To the right, we left room for the gun safe and also for the few items of clothing that require more height for hanging (a couple of coats and some dresses).

We might add another level of shelves above the cabinets, but we’re not sure if we’ll need them.

I would end with that except I need to inject some humor. So, I have names for when I do stuff. For instance, when I was cutting Melisa’s hair last year, I was Lance the hairdresser. When I paint, I’m Pete the painter. For this job, I was Carl the carpenter (or Carl the cabinet installer).

Melisa’s sister asked if Carl showed the required butt-crack view when bending over.

. . . well, I wanted to appear as professional as possible, so I offered up a photo . . .

OK, don’t throw up your meals . . . That’s actually a crop of this photo (my arm) rotated 180°.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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