A quick post with insects and birds

I’m a tad busy, but I feel the need to post a few photos . . .

Yes, once again it’s the bushes in the backyard . . .

I know, I should be resting after my gargantuan effort putting together my submission for the SDS Greed round, but I’ll gather what strength I have left to bring you this post.

Be thankful I’m not posting all 142 photos I took on that hot August 1st day.

I’m actually happy with these offerings.

There are a number of additional photos from that batch that I’ll be sharing, but for now, these will do.

As usual, you can click on these photos to get a larger version of them.

Because there are both insects and birds (hummingbirds), I think I’ll put them in the existing backyard SmugMug Gallery (LINK) and then add the others once I publish them.

It’s amazing to me that insects with very small brains have no trouble sharing close spaces without killing each other as they compete for limited resources . . . which perhaps speaks volumes about the brain sizes of some humans.

The thing is, as we go up the ladder, it seems there’s a natural tendency to compete, even when the abundance of food is such that competing is not necessary and not smart.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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