July 2021 Find the Hummingbird and other stuff

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The first one is pretty easy . . .

Ever had one of those days when you have so many things you want to do that it paralyzes you?

You know, where you lose focus and everything you even look at seems just a tad too much effort and you wend up looking for the next thing, hoping it will be easier? Only, it isn’t?

This wasn’t one of those days. I just didn’t feel like doing much, so I caught up on reading all the daily comics I had missed during this past week (we were traveling).

In between reading comics, I also watered the laws. We don’t have sprinklers, so I usually run a rain train on those rare occasions when we go without rain for a while. Fairly easy, other than you have to monitor it a bit and move it around at the end of each run.

I’d looked at the weather for the next ten days, and very little rain was forecast (trace amounts). Since it had already been five days without rain, I figure I should water the lawn.

For the record, it’s now raining outside. Now they’re saying we’re supposed to get almost an inch of rain. So much for accurate weather predictions. The system of thunderstorms was not on the radar (both literally and as a figure of speech) as late as 4 o’clock . . . by 7 o’clock, dark clouds, thunder, and the first big drops as I hurried to bring everything in before it poured.

This is a little more difficult . . . but not much

I didn’t feel like doing much because we’d been traveling to attend a funeral. Six people that we knew have died since Melisa’s dad died in April. This latest funeral was for her uncle, who succumbed to Parkinson’s.

This next set is pretty easy . . .

This one is a tad more difficult . . .

I also did very little yesterday. I wrote a post about something that bothered me and that, even as I wrote it, knew it was a mistake. In fact, I shouldn’t have gotten involved in that discussion in the first place.

It’s pouring again . . . probably putting down more rain in ten minutes than I managed to put down with a whole day of watering.

This is another easy one, I think.

These next ones are all easy . . .

Why get involved in that discussion, you ask? Good question. A moment of weakness, perhaps … or, just hoping to make a difference for the better. I should have known better.

This next one is tricky . . . I mean, it’s easy, but still tricky.

I should have known better because I don’t have the chops to give my words the gravitas necessary to affect anything. I affect little within my small world, and certainly not anything on a larger stage.

It would’ve been better had I posted a link on some of my old writing posts (for example: LINK or LINK).

Finding the hummingbird in the last photo would have been a lot easier if I’d posted this one first . . .

Anyway, just wanted to post something so I could say I did something productive.

Actually, I have some good news! . . . I got an idea for the SDS “Greed” story. I aim to bang it out in the next day or two, almost a full week before the deadline … yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it, too.

Here’s a cartoon that made me laugh . . .

The Argyle Sweater

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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