Ultra-slow-motion Hummingbirds

Edited to add: make sure you click the settings (the spoked wheel in the lower hand corner) and choose the high resolution (it defaults to lower resolution). Actually, these are best viewed on YouTube, but make sure you still choose the higher resolution.

Some videos I shot today . . .

These were shot from about a foot away with my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Notice in the above video the people walking in the background . . . that gives you an idea how much the action is slowed down.

This next video shows one . . . er . . . evacuating in untra-slow-motion.

This next video is in regular slow-motion and you can hear them vocalizing at various points. I didn’t realize the phone would record at that high a volume (which was good).

I have a few more but will get to them in another post. By the way, I did get one to land on my finger . . . no pictures, though, because I couldn’t both hold the phone and cover all of the landing points in the feeder.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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