A whole day without Internet

It’s late and I’m tired . . . and we’ve gone the whole day without Internet service.

Apparently, a contractor cut a fiberoptic cable . . . it must have been a pretty big cable for it to be out most of the night and all day . . . wait . . . I don’t think contractors work at night. I’m guessing Mediacom has got other issues and are blaming it on some hapless contractor.

I saw this doe and fawn this morning in my backyard. These are shot through a window and screen, and at a shallow angle.

I’d love to add phot or two, but the wonderful WordPress App is not showing me the Media Library. Rather, it shows the library as a bunch of blank files.

I wanted to use my phone as a hotspot, but today, the 4G signal on my phone is barely at one bar. That means the internet speed once tethered is much worse than the old dial-up speeds.

Literally, I’m watching the little turning wheel spin and nothing happens . . . so I go grab a coffee, come back, and . . . nothing is still happening. So, I go make myself a snack, come back, and . . . lots of stuff not happening.

So, here’s the plan . . . I’m going to pick photos based on their position in the library. Maybe they will load, or maybe they won’t.

If you don’t see photos in this post, it means it didn’t work. Also, if my caption says one thing and the photo shows another . . . well, I’m posting blind.

If you don’t see this post . . . well, it means I wasted a bit of time. Heck, even if you see this post, this is a bit of a waste of time.B

This pair must be new to the neighborhood since this fawn is significantly smaller than the ones we’ve seen before.

00I should mention, we didn’t miss the Internet much other than this evening. We don’t have cable (which is also out according to the notice) so we normally stream shows.

This evening, no streaming. I used to be able to cast the signal from my phone to the TV, but – again – only one bar. Can’t stream anything with just one bar.

So, we watched a movie . . . “Six Days, Seven Nights”. We’ve watched it before, but it’s the right balance of action and humor to satisfy us when in need.


As soon as I post this, I’ll probably go read in bed for a few hours. Probably, I’ll be reading one of my many fiction pieces.

Why? Because after being annoyed most of the evening as I tried to make technology work for me, I want to read something I know I’ll like.


The fawn laid down right under one of my windows, but, again, between the screen and the blinds and shooting at an angle to the glass, the photos are not stellar.

I say that, but the phone actually did pretty good focusing and holding focus.

This next shot is on the other side of the house, through the kitchen window. Fawns really are cute.

This is the best of the fawn photo.

This last photo show the deer fairly calm when a couple of walkers passed by. The other deer (from last week or so) would have bolted.

When I say walkers, I don’t mean it like from the show TWD. I mean regular persons.

I’m hoping the Internet gets fixed overnight. I have some comments to respond to, and some posts to read.

Meanwhile . . . goodnight, and I hope this posts.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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