Due api o non due api questo è il dilemma

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Those are the forget-me-nots we grew from seeds . . . the seeds packages were handed out at Pops’ memorial along with packages of poppy seeds. Not sure how many people did anything with them, but we planted them.

The flowers are very small, which made some of the visitors to them look huge.

OK, maybe not all that huge. Here’s what happened . . . I saw bees feasting on the flowers, so I went in to grab the camera but by the time I got back out, the honeybees were replaced by a solitary bee (that’s both the name and how many there were).

I mean, those flowers are small . . . but it sure went at them. I like this next shot because it looks like it got its proboscis stuck in a ringlet of pollen.

I wasn’t shooting fast enough to freeze the wings and the bee is slightly blurry, but I like the photo.

This next photo is a bit clearer (if a bit dark).

This next photo is back at being a bit blurry, but you can see the hairs on its back fairly well.

These were fine as photos go, but I had my heart set on a honeybee . . . so off to the salvias I went. We have two large salvia plants and there are always insects buzzing around them, most of them bees.

This bee was getting its face into the flowers and paid me no mind as I stuck a big-ass lens practically in its face . . .

As is my habit, I snapped away with abandon . . . so here’s a gallery of the shots I took . . .

I was pretty happy with those (even more so after I downloaded them onto the computer and had a look), but then I had another chance at a solitary bee.

I’m going to show the gallery of all the photos I took of a solitary bee that was also not bothered by me being very close, and then highlight (show individually) the two photos I consider the best.

Of those, these two stood out to me as interesting and decent quality . . .

Anyway, now all that’s left is to figure out the pun in the title of this post . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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