I don’t shill for Serif

I want to make it clear I have no financial, personal, or other interest in Serif and their software.

That said, I want to alert readers who are interested in photography and playing with photos about the Affinity sale and free trial that is ending soon (click the image to go to their store). From their email:

In response to the pandemic last year and as a way to lend some support to the creative community, we made a 90-day free trial available for the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite, while also cutting the price of all of our apps by 50%.

Overall, we’ve given out an incredible 1.5 million trials across all apps. To know how many people have found the extended free trial useful is extremely humbling and we’re grateful to have been able to help out.

We wanted to let you know the 90-day free trial and half-price offers (on all apps and content in our store) will end on the 30th of June, so please take advantage if you haven’t already before time runs out.

Here’s the thing … I subscribe to Adobe’s Photographer’s plan ($9.99/month, $119.88/year) which gives me access to Photoshop and Lightroom. Some people object to subscription plans, and some think they are too expensive, but would like access to something like Photoshop. Well, read on.

Serif’s Affinity Suite (Photo, Designer, and Publisher) has the basic components of the Adobe creative suite, but at a fraction of the cost. Normally $49.99 each, they are on sale until June 30th for $24.99 each.

That means you can get something like Photoshop — Affinity Photo — for a $24.99 one-time charge. Yours, to own and use. You can read a lot about Affinity, read many reviews, and there are a lot of video instructions on how to use it, but the bottom line is that it’s a capable photo editor at an amazing price.

And, it opens RAW files without any problem (it opens in Develop which functions a lot like Camera RAW, Adobe’s RAW files pre-processor).

And you then edit the file in what looks remarkably like Photoshop …

Anyone who uses Photoshop will recognize all them icons on the left-side menu. Plus, most plugins, brushes, and things that work in Photoshop also work in Affinity Photo.

Again, I have no personal or financial interest in the company, but for anyone wanting a full-featured photo editing tool (and may have interest in Designer and Publisher), this is a pretty sweet deal. Again, if you’re daunted by the seeming complexity, lot’s of help on YouTube (LINK).

Again, the link to their store HERE<<link.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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