The SDS Challenge — Lust Voting Reminder

Yes, it’s true — the writers are lusting after votes and this is a reminder of the fact.

If you want to read the stories and vote, your gateway is THIS POST <<link.

The voting hasn’t been what I would call impressive. So far, two votes have been cast. That’s out of 37 views, although views don’t necessarily correlate to how many people have read the stories.

In fact, I’m fairly certain the number of visitors who read the stories could be counted on one hand . . . the hand of a press operator, at that.

On a related note, I read about mightily poor statistics about reading and reading comprehension (call it literacy) and worse for math and science. I guess my post about reading had little impact (LINK). . . not that I expected any impact at all. I mean, if you’re not literate, then a post about literacy isn’t going to show up on your radar. (Note for guys: one of the videos in that post has girls in bikinis.)

I supplied a link, but do you want to know the sad truth? No one will click on it. Not that it matters because even if they do, they’ll not spend the time necessary to read the post and watch the videos.

How do I know? Well, you know the two posts I published with Note 20 photos and some of my thoughts? Yeah, those . . . not one click on any of the supplied links, and I’m betting the majority didn’t even get through a third of the writing. And of the few who did? . . . I’m betting lots of skimming occurred. But, that’s my fault for not making the material engaging, or maybe for my poor communication skills when it comes to expressing thought in writing. 

But, let me change the subject. Rather, let me post photos so that people might actually look at this post for more than a few seconds.

The above is yet another Note 20 photo. I snapped it as I sat outside sipping my coffee and watching the rain. I then took that photo and played with it in Snapseed and in Paper Artist. Here’s a gallery of some of the variations . . .

I tend to snap photos of anything that captures my interest, and lots of stuff captures my interest. Consequently, I snap lots of photos. Many, many photos never go anywhere other than my phone. But some, I play with when I’m standing around waiting or when I want to relax.

I was in a parking lot waiting for Melisa and noticed a house next to the parking lot. Brand new roof, fairly well-maintained yard, decent car in the drive, but . . .

The house was in bad need of a paint job. Again, it struck me at odds with the rest of the picture the property presented. other than the paint, the place looked well-maintained.

For them interested, those two photos were taken at 10x zoom; not bad, if you ask me..

Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as they say . . . 

I don’t typically play with photos I snapped immediately after capturing them . . . except for these next two photos.

As previously mentioned, I have various tools for “playing around”. In this case, it was Snapseed.

The first is (should be) self-explanatory; that’s right, it’s Robert De Nero in Taxi Driver.

The second requires a bit more explanation . . . the writing reflects the differing opinions of Melisa and me regarding the resemblance of that particular rock. I was immediately reminded of a variant of the title of a once-popular TV show, whereas Melisa was thinking about tubers.

Personally, I liked the word-play, and I admit that might have colored my interpretation of said rock shape. Anyway . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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