Fourth “Z” stories voting reminder . . . and Yellowstone ago

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Yellowstone NP is (so far) our favorite National Park. I mean, there may be parks out there we’ve not seen and that would supplant Yellowstone’s lofty position, but they have a lot to live up to. 

I mean, Yellowstone has the views, the animals, the mountains, and valleys . . . and then there are the geothermal features.

The sheer variety of the features is what enthralls me. Take, for instance, this aerial view of the islands formed by the supervolcano dozing under the park, captured while guest-flying an SR-71 Blackbird . . .

OK, OK, I was standing about forty feet away from one of the thermal pools. But, they kind of looked like islands, and that’s why I shot the photo . . .

And, mud pools. Not just mud pools; percolating mud pools!

Catching a bubble in the process of bursting was a treat for me.

Other mud pools are in full boil . . .

Now, here’s the thing . . . these features change from one day to the next. Well, OK, not one day, but definitively in the course of a year. The photos above are from our second visit there. During following visits, I sought to add to those photos . . . and things had changed.

Even this next feature — from one of my favorite places near Yellowstone Lake — was dried-up and unattractive by our third visit.

The large thermal pools seem more stable and are approximately the same from one visit to another. Pools like the one in the first photo and in this next photo. Although, the surrounding area can change significantly.

The water in many of those pools is scalding-hot, and some periodically erupt (geysers, they’re called, but not faithfully regular).

You can click on each of those and get a larger view.

The original-size photos are in this SmugMug Gallery — LINK — but be aware these are all D100 6MP photos and thus not as large as those from modern DSLR cameras.

And, here’s the gallery of the above . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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