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So, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 was a camera I purchased in December of 2009 for the sole purpose of shooting movies. And for the 12x optical zoom. At the time, neither my phone nor my DSLR were capable of shooting decent video. Of course, the little camera was capable of shooting decent photos.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! I didn’t know Canada Geese liked hanging around in trees.

The above is an example of how and when I used the camera. Always on trips, of course, and I’ve shared videos captured with the little camera, but I seldom shared photos from it. In this particular case, I was golfing . . . and I saw two geese take flight — obviously in fear for their lives due to my erratic golf prowess — and I was flabbergasted to see them land on a nearby tree.

Out came the little Point-n-Shoot, and I snapped a photo. Of course, sometimes it was just a landscape shot as we waited for slowpokes ahead of us to get their head out of their a . . . I mean, as we waited for players ahead of us to complete their leisurely (and inconsiderate) play.

Pikes Peak from Patty Jewett Golf Club, Colorado Springs.

Prior to having a capable phone (the Samsung Note II), I also carried the little camera on our walks.

Elephant Rock and the Front Range — Monument, CO

These are not presented in any chronological order. Rather, they are presented in the order I processed them, and since the software that came with the camera had a weird cataloging algorithm, the timeline of the capture is all messed up. Meaning, I just went down the directories on the hard drive, and they are not in chronological order.

Monument, Colorado

When we traveled, Melisa had the camera in her purse, so some of the photos are hers . . . 

Pretty good for someone with little interest in photography.

The camera was also used after we moved to Hawaiʻi, both during our walks . . .

Cruise ship coming into the Kona harbor — shot from the Old Kona Airport State Park

. . . and — before I purchased the P900 — from the condo we were renting (roughly five to six miles from the harbor).

Cruise ship anchored in the Kona Harbor during the International Billfish Tournament (the boats motoring out to their favorite spots)

I also used it around the condo, especially for quick capture of the ever-present critters.

You would think this next photo is from when we lived there, but it’s actually from a 2010 visit to Hawaiʻi.

Although not super-capable, it did a decent job of capturing indoor scenes.

That was my office at our Colorado house . . . all those plants found good homes when we left for The Islands, as did Bob, Bob Bones.

Some readers will recognize the above photo as my office at a company I worked for in Woodland Park, Colorado. A pretty good place to work until it was bought by a dishonorable and dishonest Christian jerk. You know that part about the camel and eye of the needle? Gosh, I sure wish that were true.

OK, let’s wind this up with two photos from our walks around the neighborhood we used to live in . . .

. . . and a couple of photos I took the first few days after purchasing the camera . . .

As much as some people don’t like the snow, I never minded it while in Colorado, especially after I retired.

So, what happened to the camera? Well, after I purchased the P900 and phone cameras improved, the little Lumix fell to disuse (other than me occasionally snapping photos to keep it in good working order), and I gave it to my sister.

These aren’t great photos to pixel-peep, but for them so inclined, here’s the SmugMug LINK.

And, here’s the gallery of the above . . .


That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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