Travel Photos — Where in the World 006

The “X” stories should go up later today, but I figure I would do a (semi) quick post for them who plan to wait on reading them until the last minute. 

As mentioned before, all the WitW photos are collected in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  Each new post will identify the previous post’s photo. The poll below is mostly to amuse and entertain, but I name the location and possibly a red herring or two. It’s fine with me if you look up the answer, and I won’t care much which name you vote for because, hey, you might want to amuse yourself as well. It’s open to multiple voting for people who might like more than one answer. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

The location of the photos in the previous post<<link showcased the James River Bridge Blue Ridge Parkway, also known as the Mile Post 63 bridge<<link. For them interested in looking at it on Google Earth, here’s a photo<<link with the coordinates (37°33’18.59″ N 79°21’57.23″ W — paste these in Google Earth).

Here we go with the next offering. I photographed this greenhouse in 2008. Sporting tropical plants, it certainly screams tropical. Free Hint: it’s not.

Side Note: I’m still using blocks for this post (just to keep in practice) and they are still crappy to work with.

It’s a giant greenhouse that’s part of a popular visitors spot . . . although I’m not sure how busy it is with COVID-19 and variants running around.

I’m a sucker for those laminar flow shooting fountains. I think I first saw them at Epcot, many, many moons ago. I mean, not these exact ones, but others like them.

OK, time to give a few hints . . . it’s a giant greenhouse that’s part of a larger complex in a city near water. Is it in the States? I don’t want to give too many hints, but I wouldn’t rule Venezuela out.

Sure, people could use Google search and easily find the place, but give a shot at the poll before you do that . . . meanwhile, a gallery of artistic renditions.

. . . and here’s the poll . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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