I wave at you three

For them wondering about the title, “I wave at you<<link and “I wave at you two<<link are previous posts exploring/offering wave photos (and, if interested, one of those explores my legs). This short post continues the titles (with fewer photos, and no legs … maybe).

No processing (Adobe Color instead of Camera Neutral)

So, that’s right out of the camera, except I turned on Adobe Color as opposed to my usual Camera Neutral. Camera Neutral has a vapid appearance with hardly any saturation or contrast (what I usually start with when I post-process).

Side Note: for them wondering whatever happened to Falkor (LINK), as you can see, he finally got rid of his aversion to water and is now body-surfing in Hawaiʻi.

Anyway, this post was born from my desire to try a few different processing options . . . and the fact I like waves.

No one program was used exclusively, but rather a combination of the following: Topaz Labs Sharpen AI, Topaz Labs DeNoise AI, DxO Nik Collection Color Efex Pro 4, DxO Nik Collection Silver Efex Pro 2, DxO Film Pack 5, Luminar AI, and, of course, Lightroom CC.

Here’s the first treatment of the above . . .

Processing Option 1

That’s probably the most balanced treatment, with no single element standing out.

It may be difficult comparing the various photos unless you open them in separate tabs (click on each photo) and switch between them . . . or wait until the gallery at the end, or go to the SmugMug Gallery (LINK) and cycle through them in sequence.

This next version probably has a bit too much blue/aqua for the overall scene, but the backlit portion of the breaking wave is closer to what it looks like in real life . . .

Processing Option 2

But it’s not as blue as this version (including an augmented sky, courtesy of Luminar AI.

I also played with converting the above photos into monochrome versions. The first is from Silver Efex Pro, the to after that were processed using the B&W treatments in Luminar AI. All of them have a ‘silverish’ look (my made-up term).

One of the features of breaking waves that I particularly like is the laminar flow look at the crest of the wave. That would be the smooth and crystal-clear portion at the top of the wave.

Those are two different crops from the same photo. Click on them for a larger view.

Here are the monochrome versions using Silver Efex Pro 2 . . .

I have a difficult time deciding which versions I like the best, but for the two crops, I have to go with the monochrome versions, especially if viewed larger.

Of course, photos don’t convey the same essence of a wave as a video would . . .

. . . or do they?

If you want to see larger versions of those, here are the links (warning: lots of megabytes) Color<<link and Monochrome<<link, or you can go to the SmugMug gallery and watch them there.

I have lots and lots of wave photos, so be thankful I managed to keep this short. Here is the gallery of the above (minus the big animations).

That’s it. This post has . . . WAIT! . . . I almost forgot the legs.

I’m not in the habit of snapping photos of my bodyparts (unlike some celebrities and politicians).

Those photos were taken when I was practicing drawings of humans and needed photos. Of course, after snapping those, I resolved to buy a posing app for my phone (it comes with posable models).

Practically the same and a lot easier than me posing. One of these days, I’ll have to do a post about the app. It’s actually pretty neat, with lots of models, weapons, and poses, plus you can manipulate the major joints, neck, head, and even fingers to develop your own poses.

For anatomical drawing models, it’s very helpful. It even comes with animation presets (this is using one of the women walking preset, so, no, that’s not how I walk … at least I don’t think so).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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