A very important day — a milestone day.

Today is a milestone as far as dates go, and I assume you all know why . . . that’s right! It’s a palindrome!

1 20 2021          How cool is that!?

Why, what did you think I meant?

OK, I’m kidding, but let me be serious for a few moments.

I’ve been avoiding watching the news — and have been very successful — but I get peripheral noise intruding into my calm. I’ve also been careful not to engage in political commentary . . . well, mostly careful.

Meaning, I no longer post long dissertation about my understanding of whatever social, political, financial situation we — as individuals — and we — as a country — are facing.

Not that one could not find enough of my rants to fill many hours of one’s life . . . if they bothered looking.  But, since they won’t bother looking, in chronological order listing since 2012:

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Not a complete list (sometimes I bury rants in regular posts) but enough to give you a good feel for my opinions about politics.

I almost dug up posts I did before I got this blog (I had two other blogs). Posts going back to the 1990s. Posts that sounded more alarmist as time passed. Sure, a few of my views have shifted as far as details are concerned, but pretty much, most of my worries were founded, and most of the fears I expressed came to fruition. Most of what I rant on those many posts is still with us, only worse than it was. No, I don’t claim special knowledge; just observations, some critical thinking, and a basic understanding of human nature and history.

The posts linked above take you from 2012 to the end of 2019 . . . and there’s not much after that directly to do with politics. A few posts about COVID-19, but for the most part, I’ve eschewed commenting on the cesspool that comprises current political and social, and financial discussions. Instead, these days, I typically point readers to far more eloquent voices that track close to my thinking.

. . . not that many listens . . .

I’m planning a fairly quick post about where I think we are and what we might face going forward . . . and when I do, to anyone who’ll be moved to engage me in discussions about what I have to say . . . I say welcome! . . . but, first, read all — or at least some — of the above so that you know where I’m coming from; so that you know my biases; so that you know whether I was right or wrong four years ago, eight years ago, or in between. So that you know if you should even bother engaging me.

And here’s the thing . . . in that post, I’ll try to explain how I cope because I know many people are having problems coping with what is essentially an ongoing shitstorm coming at us from every direction . . . I’ve done it before — explain how I do it — but it’s obvious no one listened; but maybe now, a few will.

Wow . . . 1 2 0 2 0 2 1 . . . won’t happen again for a while. OK, OK . . . there’s one next month: 12 FEB 2021 . . . er, sorry . . . 12 02 2021. After that, we’ll have three more in December … if we’re still here.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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