Travel Photos — Where in the World 005

On a day I’m recovering from the Shingles vaccination (second dose), I figure I’d do a simple post that won’t much tax my weakened state.

If you see errors or muddled writing, it’s not the regular me; it’s the me who’s functioning on about three hours of sleep and coming off a fever.

Anyway, as mentioned before, all the WitW photos are collected in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  Each new post will identify the previous post’s photo. The poll below is mostly to amuse and entertain, but I name the location and possibly a red herring or two. It’s fine with me if you look up the answer, and I won’t care much which name you vote for because, hey, you might want to amuse yourself as well. I’m even opening it up to multiple voting (depending on how it goes) for people who might like more than one answer. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

The previous post<<link showcased Church Rock, in Utah<<link. If you go to the SmugMug Gallery, you’ll see the Google Earth screen captures of the formation.

Here we go with the next offering. I photographed this bridge in 2005, the same year we moved to Colorado. Free Hint: the bridge is not in Colorado.

Side Note: I’m using blocks for this post (just to keep in practice) and they are as finicky and irksome as ever. I’ve had problems replacing/uploading photos and when I manage it, I need to go in and reset the defaults to what I want. Plus, twice now, I had to kill the browser window and get back in because the interface froze when uploading photos. What should have been a 15 minutes process is stretching to close to 45 minutes. Honest, I would like to sit down with whoever is programming this and have a chat . . . a chat involving a baseball bat. OK, I’m kidding, but the interface is crappy. Maybe I’m just not the “right” kind of content provider.

Anyway, if it’s not evident from the photo, the upper part is where cars cross the river, and the lower part is for pedestrians . . .

I can give a few other hints . . . that bridge is along a pretty famous road, and the river — unlike many rivers — does not provide a natural boundary between States. Is it in the States? I don’t want to give too many hints, but I wouldn’t rule Venezuela out.

Sure, people could use Google search and easily find the place, but give a shot at the poll before you do that . . . meanwhile, a gallery of artistic renditions.

. . . and here’s the poll . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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