Preview of Future Past and blog stuff

The name might seem odd to new subscribers, but the title will make sense to long-time subscribers because I’ve done one of these before . . . this is a post about future posts that will show past stuff.

I mentioned in the last post that I aim to change (reduce) the number of ‘reminder to vote’ posts. I also aim to reduce the number of blogs I subscribe to.  That process will be painful, but many of the blogs I’m currently following I originally did so because of something that was useful or interesting to me, and — for some blogs — that has changed to just being a habit without much benefit.

I rather follow fewer bloggers and have meaningful interaction than follow a lot of bloggers and have interactions equivalent to a nod you give a stranger as you pass them on the street.

. . . and yes, I expect I’ll lose some followers who will either be upset I unsubscribed, or will forget about me because they’ll no longer see me on their blogs. Again, meaningful engagement is the key, and even then, I want more time to do my own thing, and right now I’m keeping up with too many blogs (if I subscribe, I read the blogs), and that means I often can’t do justice to all the blogs I’m following.

. . . it’s gonna be tough, I tell you what.

Anyway, on to future past stuff . . .

So, I have a lot of photos I’d like to share. Some are new, like the above.

“What is it?” you ask.

Well, Bob, that’s a crop of one of my recent photos. From yesterday, actually. We were on our walk and I saw a leaf on the ground . . . and it looked like a piece of leather. I mean, I had to pick it up and look at it up close, and it even felt like leather, but it was a leaf. I doubled back to put it in my mailbox so that I could get it after we got done with our walk.

Later, I photographed the crap out of it (but I’ll only share a few of the photos) and then threw it away (it had a smell . . . I’ll explain later).

“What about the coin? It looks like some sort of astrology-related dung.”

Yes, it is, Bob, but it’s silver . . . it only symbolizes dung. I found that coin hidden atop a 2×4 in the shed of our house in Michigan. The reason it’s in the photo isn’t to promote delusional beliefs targeted at people with poor cognitive skills, but rather, to show the size of the leaf.

You see, it’s been suggested that I should include objects to help give a sense of scale to my subjects. Of course, since no one is familiar with the coin (or the leaf), it didn’t help much. That’s why I dug up a coin people might be more familiar with . . . in Italy (although, since the Euro, this too might have passed from memory).

When I used to play a lot of golf — way back when I was still working long hours, playing lots of racquetball, reading a lot, photographing a lot, and posting longer posts than I do now — that was the coin I used to mark my ball once on the green.

Here’s the thing . . . most of my readers are not from Italy. Crazy, no? I mean, I have Italian roots! You’d think Italians would flock to my blog. Anyway, I then looked for other coins . . . and ended up photographing all of the foreign coins I have (a goodly number, that), and I’d like to share those photos.

Of course, those also didn’t help size the leaf . . . so then I had the idea of using a paper bill . . . BUT . . . there’s a problem with that. You see, the Treasury Department has rules about photographing or depicting money (LINK):

Regulations for Reproducing U.S. Currency Images

Here is a summary for authorized color illustrations:

  • Illustration must be less that .75 or more than 1.5, in linear dimension, of the currency
  • Illustration must be one-sided.
  • Destroy or erase anything used in the making of the illustration that contains an image or part of the illustration.

Well, crap! That’s not gonna help much unless people have a facility with math and ratios.

. . . although, I’m not sure what they mean by “making” and “one-sided” . . . I mean, I’m not planning on printing it. Interestingly, they have a link to additional information . . . but it’s a dead link. I can’t begin to tell you how much confidence I have in bureaucracy.

By the way, can you identify this bill? (I mean, without looking it up)

Anyway, I also shot photos of dead flowers (by the way, there’s an actual Preview of Future Past Gallery in SmugMug (LINK)) . . .

And of the dead leaves of said flowers . . .

Of course, it’s not only recent photos I want to share. I have a goodly number from this summer . . . 

Ok, ok, it’s not like any of them will win awards, but I did a lot of work pressing the shutter release, and I’d hate that to be all for naught.

Oh, and gosh, I’d sure like to write some more. I mean, I’m writing the short stories now, but I’d like to write a few more books. Yes, for new subscribers, I’ve written more than one book; three, to be precise.

No, they aren’t published, but if you like my writing and are interested in reading one or more of the books, let me know in the comments and I’ll set you up.

Of course, since the four people who like my writing have already read my books . . . I won’t hold my breath. Hey! How about a little poll?

I also have a number of projects I want to do around the house, and get back to regular shooting (actual shooting, not photographing), and look into getting a new computer. My current PC is 8.5 years old. Mind you, it still handles most everything I throw at it, but some of the newer software — especially software employing AI technology — is beginning to tax it a bit.

I’m contemplating building my own because it would be cheaper and would be exactly what I want . . . and then I think: “Dufus! You can buy a new PC for the same price you paid for this one eight years ago and have it be multiple times faster! Why spend your precious time researching and building one when you can buy it and save you a bunch of headaches?!

Ah, Grasshopper-Bob. Life is not about the destination, but the journey. Imagine, if you will, spending a few months lovingly and with great care researching components, comparing specs, finding the best deals, designing the perfect machine … and then, imagine a few weeks of carefully assembling said components — with some soldering, even — carefully routing wires after bundling them and making all the right connections. And then, imagine the anticipation of the moment . . . the moment when it’s ready and your finger hovers over the ON switch . . .

Click! … you hear the susurrus of the fans . . . wait, is that smoke? What’s that smell?!? FLAMES! I see flames! Unplug it! Unplug it!

… er, I got to go …

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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