White-breasted Nuthatch and a “V” stories voting reminder

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So, on Christmas day I had the opportunity to get a few close-ups of birds I don’t see at my house.

Look to the left . . .

That is a White-breasted Nuthatch (LINK). It may not be recognizable at first glance because people are probably used to seeing it hanging head-first on the side of trees and feeders. Occasionally, even hanging upsidedown under branches.

. . . eyes front . . .

These birds are usually difficult to photograph because they don’t perch in one place for very long, and even when they perch somewhere for more than a few seconds, they don’t stand still.

. . . look to the right . . .

This one was trying to figure out what the old man in a heavy coat, gloves, hat, and still shivering was doing out by the feeders.

Give him the right eye . . .

In that location, a stiff breeze grabbed the 14° temperature and added a generous windchill for good measure.

. . . give him the left eye . . .

I did my shooting in shifts, standing out there for ten minutes and then running in to thaw various extremities.

. . . give him both eyes.

This wasn’t the only bird I photographed, but I figure I would start with this one for no other reason than it was the first one that posed for me.

Moon the bastard . . .
. . . and take off too fast for the camera to get a decent photo.

For their size, they have an impressive wingspan. Now, I had the shutter too slow to freeze the action, but I don’t mind the above photo. However, I did try to process it using Topaz Sharpen AI, and while it didn’t work miracles, I like how it turned out . . .

Sharpened using Topaz Sharpen AI

For all these photos, clicking on the photo will open a larger version on a new tab or window. You can also go to the SmugMug Gallery (LINK) which also has photos used in previous voting reminders.

Anyway, after taking off from its perch, it offered up more typical poses . . .

They are neat birds, and always seem to work really hard at getting food for themselves and — based on the number of seeds they fly off with — what must be a sizable family.

Here’s a gallery of the above . . .

And, here are a couple of links to older posts . . . LINK1 (in honor of people considering resolutions) and LINK2 (another long, long, long post … I might have shared it before, but I came across it and I figured, “why not share it again?”)

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