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So, I stopped my car not ten feet from this seagull, turned off the car’s engine, rolled down the window, and waited to capture a sequence of photos showing the gull launching into flight.

Below are the photos I shot as I waited for the gull to take flight. it never did, by the way, and I just got tired of waiting and left.

I mean, I tried to get him to fly off . . . I whistled, read it the most depressing portions of The Grapes of Wrath, showed it a photo of Trump, showed it the net worth of Democrat and Republican Representatives and Senators, told it all the nasty stuff people do in the name of various religions, sang THIS SONG<<link really loud, waved my hand, and whistled. It just wouldn’t budge.

Yes, I could have gotten out of the car, but remember that I wanted to capture the moment it took flight, and I couldn’t get out of the car and also keep the camera aimed and focused on it.

I suppose it’s not a total loss since being that close, I could get decent photos of the gull.

But, you know, action shots have more impact, fire up the imagination, show the wonder of nature . . .

A nonplussed bird giving me a disdaining look just doesn’t compare.

Here is a gallery of the above . . .

And because people don’t go to SmugMug, here are crops of the above photos . . . notice on that last photo how much the gull resembles the look an eagle has when posing for the camera.

This LINK will take you to the SmugMug gallery that has the full-size versions of the above and also photos in recent reminder posts.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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