“V” stories voting reminder . . . and a Merry Christmas to them who celebrate it

The “V” stories voting is likely to stall as people celebrate various religious holidays, and that’s perfectly fine.

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Today is Christmas and to them who celebrate it, I wish a Merry Christmas . . .

Now, you might be asking “You be an atheist! What are you doing wishing people a Merry Christmas?”

Well, it’s like when it’s someone’s birthday . . . it has nothing to do with me, but I still wish them a Happy Birthday.

I mean, I wish them who celebrate Christmas would be less . . . well, ‘pushy’ is the right word. I don’t get offended at seeing the trappings, but it’s annoying having it constantly pushed against my nose everywhere I go. 

For instance, you know the “Merry Christmas” greeting? Using the birthday example, here’s something to consider . . . if I’m celebrating my birthday, it makes little sense for me to wish other people a Happy Birthday.

They probably wouldn’t be offended, but surely they would look at me askance and perhaps even mention “Thanks, but, you know, it’s not my birthday.”

Now, how would they feel if I then got all indignant about their reaction? Maybe go all O’Reilly on them and rant about how they are destroying my Birthday Tradition? A tradition that goes back much longer than X-Mas, by the way.

Kind of makes you think, don’t it ? . . . no, probably not.

There is one part of Christmas I never liked . . . the exchange of gifts. I mean, superficially, it sounds like a nice thing to do.

But, let me point out a few things about that. One, not everyone can afford to buy gifts. Americans tend to go into debt buying stuff, especially for kids.

Two, lying to kids.

Sure, sure, it sounds like a harmless lie, something fun for the kids. But, even ignoring the pressure it puts on parents with limited financial resources (not to mention the guilt they might feel at not being able to do something for their kids), what about the kids?

They are told some seriously freaky dude will sneak into their house while they’re asleep and — as a reward for not being jerks — bring them stuff. But, here’s the thing . . . how will they feel when Santa brings them a $10 toy and some socks while other kids get much nicer gifts even though they are, in fact, jerks?

I don’t know . . . I mean, I can almost see how — for some people — the holidays, and especially Christmas, are a time of celebration. Almost . . .

. . . but I think about all the people — especially this year — who face difficult times and feel the added pressure to participate in bolstering the economy. I think of those people’s kids trying to sort out why Santa likes little (and big) spoiled assholes as much as he does.

And even when kids know there is no Santa, they are still made to feel  . . . inferior. Because, as O’Reilly will tell you, if you’re not participating in the Christmas tradition, why, you just ain’t a real American.

I know what you’re thinking . . . “Disperser’s a real Grinch!” . . . but that’s not it at all. I sincerely wish you — if that’s your thing — the happiest and Merry Christmas. Heck, I even answer back in kind when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas

It’s just that I also wish you might remember that Christmas is a stressful time for many who aren’t as lucky as most of us.

. . . and that your Christmas celebration is not dependent on others also celebrating it.

For example, like all religious holidays, today means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t hate it, I don’t like it . . . it’s just another Friday which, now that I’m retired, also means absolutely nothing to me.

And, if someone wants to buy me a gift, I have two things to say: 1) good luck finding something I want; you won’t, and the “thought that counts” really doesn’t if you ignore number 2) I’d rather you give that money to a charity, or buy some toys for needy kids.

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