Travel Photos — Where in the World 004

So, one of the blogs I follow<<link is participating participated in a Travel Challenge where you get nominated “to post one favourite [sic] travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate.”

I’m uncomfortable nominating others . . . but I liked the idea of the challenge and decided on a different spin, so this will be a series of photos where readers are invited to guess the location. Each post will feature only one photo, but at least two — and often more — versions of that photo.

And, don’t you know, it’s likely to go longer than ten days.

All of the photos will be collected in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  Each new post will identify the previous post’s photo. The poll is mostly to amuse me by having fun with the names. I name the location and possibly a red herring or two. It’s fine with me if you look up the answer, and I won’t care much which name you vote for because, hey, you might want to amuse yourself as well. I’m even opening it up to multiple voting (depending on how it goes) for people who might like more than one answer. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

The previous post<<link shows the filming location of a number of movies, but the movie I referenced was An Officer and a Gentleman<<link. The movie was shot in Port Townsend and Fort Wolden<<link, shown in the photos.

Here we go with the next offering. I photographed this rock formation in 2006, and it stands on its own along the road we traveled for one of our trips. The location is probably easily found, but the question I have is . . . what is the rock formation called? See the poll below to get possible answers (one of them is correct).

I bet that rock has been there for a while . . . so long that one might find old photos of it . . .

Maybe even older photos, done on tin; a dirty tin type . . .

Occasionally, one can find drawings of landmarks from before photos were a thing . . .

These days, one might find such landmarks depicted in stamps . . .

But the question remains . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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