First “T” stories voting reminder . . . and photo preview

This is the second day of the Alphabet Challenge “T” Stories voting round. Yes, we still have days. It may seem like the world has gone bonkers, but we still have days . . . and we still have stories for them readers who, you know, like to read.

The voting has been surprisingly brisk for this early in the round, and one can only hope we’ll crack 100 votes. Wouldn’t that be something!  

If you are a reader of our stories and someone who votes, thank you in advance for casting a vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge T-Stories” are HERE(link) Votes will be accepted until noon, Chicago time, on November 27th.

As usual, let me know if something goes wrong with the voting . . . and now a preview of stuff that may — or may not — be showcased on the blog (soonish).

Vultures feasting on a deer carcass

Ain’t that the metaphor of the moment? . . . two kinds of vultures (Democrats and Republicans) feasting on a deer (the U. S. of  A.) . . . . I tell you, it ain’t looking good no matter who “wins”.

I used to snap a lot of hawk photos . . . and I was looking to get back into doing that here, in Illinois. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen all that many . . . but this guy was on my neighbor’s roof. i got to tell you . . . I need more practice shooting hawks because many of the photos were . . . well, less than good. This next one was one of the better efforts.

Hawk Taking flight

I think I still have it when it comes to photographing bugs . . . mostly because they usually just sit there.

And, of course, when birds ain’t flying, it’s a lot easier to capture them . . . and to screw up capturing them.

pelicans swimming in tight formation

In early October, the weather was still pretty warm . . . and these guys (or, maybe, gals) did not waste any of it.

Turtles on a log and covered with pond-scum

Lastly, one of the birds I often see but am seldom able to capture . . . but not on that day.

Golden Finch (Bright yellow)

The SmugMug Gallery for the above is at this LINK. and here’s a gallery of the above.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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