Fall 2020 — leaves 0002

For them not interested in reading, you can see the photos in THIS<<link SmugMug Gallery.  

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Colorful leaves on rocks

We don’t have colorful trees in our yard. I mean, we have shrubs that are colorful in the summer but come Fall, their leaves go all brown. Our neighbors, however, have trees that produce leaves with decent colors. I mean, I hate having to clean them up when they blow in our yard (I mulch them), but they offer a decent opportunity for photos.

These photos are not ‘arranged’ . . . these photos show leaves as I found them on our river rocks; I spent ten minutes walking around with my camera snapping the ones that I found interesting.

I then processed them in Lightroom and put on the finishing touches with Nik Collection’s Color Efex Pro 4. And, yes, I made them more visually striking than in person . . . but not by much.

Colorful leaves on rocks

If you are reading this post on a small screen, you will not get the full impact of the photos. Even on a PC screen, unless you click on the photos, they won’t seem like much.

. . . but SmugMug is the place to really experience these photos, especially on a full screen . . . and then you can go full-resolution on a full screen. Lots and lots of details to see.

Still, they should look pretty good even here.

Colorful leaves on rocksColorful leaves on rocksI obviously have more photos than this, but I’ll ration them out because I’m usually busy and it’s nice to have photos in reserve when I want to spend a few minutes doing a post.

Of course, I couldn’t just process them a bit and stop . . . Nope. I done took me some Topaz Impression, Topaz Glow, Topaz Adjust, and Topaz Studio 1.0, and created me some paintings.

Well, Ok, they ain’t really paintings; just photos made to look painting-like. Here are the four photos above, but all artified and stuff.

Artified Photos of fall leaves on rocksArtified Photos of fall leaves on rocksArtified Photos of fall leaves on rocksArtified Photos of fall leaves on rocksI should mention — again — that if you are reading this post on a phone, you won’t see much of a difference between these and the unartified photos (unless you blow them up) other than these are with frames.

For people on proper screens (larger screens), here’s a gallery of the four photos and their artification.

And, no, I’ve still not written the “T” Story yet. Maybe by tomorrow.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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