Help me, Obi-Wan Reader

So, I’m still unsure about which font to use.

The font you see in use throughout the blog as of the publication of this post is a serif font.

The rule of thumb is that sans serif is used in modern and clean designs, whereas fonts with serif are used in more traditional designs.

Other words that are used are innovative, clean, dynamic for sans serif, and traditional, trustworthy, established for serif fonts.

Font discussions are typically framed with respect to establishing a ‘brand’.

Well, I don’t have a brand.

The main impetus behind my decision regarding fonts is readability.

There be words in my posts. Sometimes, lots and lots of words.

Photos take care of themselves . . .

Facing the Iron Horse
Facing the Iron Horse

. . . but people today seem to be hurried and often reluctant readers. A font that’s difficult to read will further dissuade people from engaging with what surely is brilliant content.

As such, I’d like to choose a font that’s easy to read and won’t strain the eyes that travel over ir. Especially when they’re slogging through one of my multi-thousands words posts.

Color is also important. For me, this bluish color is more readable than black . . . but it depends on the font. Some fonts read better in black, especially if crowded together. When letters are narrow and close, the blue seems to ‘bleed’ a bit, making it difficult to discern individual letters.

This font is a change from the one I was using until 30 minutes before publishing this post.

This font is a serif font and is slightly smaller than the one I had before.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has an opinion. Sometimes tomorrow, I’ll try another sans-serif font.

I’m interested in three things . . . size of the font, color of the text, and serif vs. sans-serif.

Yes, I know you can’t make a direct comparison because there’s only one font . . .

. . . BUT, I’d be most grateful if you could pick a few different posts and see how comfortable they are to read (especially posts with mostly words, like the last post), and then comment below.

If you contribute, thank you.

Edited to Add: I just realized that WP “adapts” the font to the device being used. So, for instance, on my Note 8, the default display switches to a sans-serif font. Worse yet, if you choose a desktop display on the phone, you get something that is unreadable (although it might still be OK on a tablet).

As such, the questions I’m asking are more relevant to people using computer monitors than other devices.

Not to disparage people using tablets and phones, but I’ll be formatting the blog for desktop viewing since I have no control over what happens when the format adapts to other devices.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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