Classic Editor Block Template Generic

A few days ago, I posted a long post about using the Classic Block Editor.<<link

While it’s good to learn by repetition, I advise people who want to minimize the hassle of editing in blocks to create a template. Meaning, a draft of a post that they can copy whenever they want a new post.

This post is about creating a Classic Editor Block Template you can copy whenever you want to do a new post.

This is all slides, no words. You can either look at them in the gallery below, or download the .PDF I created:

Create Classic Block Template <<link to PDF (6MB)

As before, it’s probably more detailed than most people need.

Here’s the gallery (and if you have questions, post them below and I’ll try to answer them if I can). Again, the aim here is to create a draft of a post you can copy whenever you want to author a new post:

If you want to share it, feel free to share a link back to this post.

I’m kind of busy with unexpected stuff, so I might not respond right away.

That’s it . . . this post has ended.

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5 Responses to Classic Editor Block Template Generic

  1. Thanks, Disperser, for this post and the other one the other day. I have been struggling with the new Block Editor and your slide-show guidelines will be a big help in getting back to easy blogging again!


    • disperser says:

      You are welcome, ccj . . . it all looks complicated, but it’s not.

      I just think the help they provide can sometimes be confusing. On the other hand, when I set out to write these posts, I got used to how they work pretty fast.

      I also think that because it’s not explained very well, when people run into issues, they can’t figure out why even when the answer might be fairly simple once one understands how blocks work . . . and that leads to frustration.


  2. Thank you, again, for all of your help in this area!!!
    PS…hope you 2 are having a good weekend.


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