The Alphabet Challenge Writer’s favorites (so far) — E. J. D’Alise

I asked the other writers (all two of them) to pick three favorites out of the stories they’ve written so far, and I would do the same.

“Write a blurb, or not,” I said, “but pick your three favorites and we’ll do posts for each of the writers.”

Here’s mine (still waiting on theirs).

THIS<<link post has all of the stories to date for all the writers, but I’m looking at just mine, and as a refresher . . .

E. J. D’Alise stories

Astronaut   Bastard   Combat   Departure   Embroiled   Falcon

Gauntlet   Homophyly   Identity   Jaguar   Knock-knock   Legend

Monster   Novel   Oblivious   Permeability Police

Stories that have won their round are in BOLD and Red.

But, I need to pick the top three of my favorites according to Disperser (me).

Some readers might think it’s fairly easy, but it’s not . . . because I like everything I write, But, OK . . . they’re not all fantastic; some are less fantastic than others. 

The number one spot was easy to pick:

A tale about a mission to Mars. Like all my stories, I just start writing and the plot unfolds as I write. I had a different idea starting out, but halfway there, I gelled on what I published.  What triggered it was the word “star sailor” which I crossed while doing a bit of research on trauma in space.

The number two and number three spots have five candidates that are all — by my standards — close to each other (but not similar). But, I need to pick two and of the two I picked this is what I put as my second favorite.

Permeability Police
Yes, it’s last round’s winner. I had fun writing it and that contributes to me listing it as my second favorite.

The number three spot goes to one that didn’t win. I wondered if the reason it didn’t do as well as it might have was because of the title.

was a word I came across and I was challenged to use it. I like the story I wrote and it’s a world I might explore again (but not in this challenge).

OK, I said three, but I have to give an honorable mention to Combat, Falcon, and Monster. Combat and Monster because those were ideas that had been floating around my head for nearly a year. Not as developed ideas but rather as general notions. Those two could probably have been better served by a longer format. Falcon I like because it’s space and science fiction. What’s not to like?

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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