Hawaiʻian Flowers and “P” stories voting reminder

The Alphabet Challenge “P” Stories are up and running and the writers hope many readers are eagerly consuming these fine offerings and jumping at the chance to vote in this round.

If you are one such reader, and if you’ve not already done so — please read the stories and then cast a vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge P-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link

A quick note: workers in my neighbor’s yard damaged or cut the Mediacom Cable that provides me with Internet service. Meaning, I’m without high-speed internet.

“How are you posting this, oh great and powerful Disperser?”

Well, I have my phone tethered to my PC. Meaning, I’m using my phone to provide internet to my PC via a USB connection. We’re also using the phones as a hotspot and connect devices to them as we would to Wi-Fi provided through a Router.

This functionality is built-in on most phones (at least Android phones running Verizon). The speed is not something to brag about (100 times slower than my regular Internet) but you know what? I can still upload photos and author posts, read other people’s blogs and even watch YouTube videos. Melisa has the Kindle Fire connected to her phone via wi-Fi and she’s streaming Netflix.

In other words, perfectly usable. Anyway, here are some Hawaiʻian flowers . . . and in a twist, I’m posting the Monochrome versions before I do the color versions.

And, yes, these have been treated with Topaz Impression 2.0  . . .

OK, OK, the photos are loading slow, but they are loading.

I am surprised by how good these look in monochrome.

“Why do Hawaiʻian flowers?”

I don’t know what answer would satisfy, but I’m going with “because I felt like it”.

Here is a gallery of six . . .

That’s all fine and good, but these next few I wanted to showcase on their own . . .

There’s something about the organic nature of flowers that just makes me want to post more and more . . .

Such elegance and beautiful flowing lines . . . I could stare at them all day long.

But, I need to do other stuff, so we’ll call this post done (except for what I’m adding below).

I’m uploading the full-size versions to SmugMug, but it will probably take a little while to get them all up there since those are larger. The SmugMug Gallery for the reminder photos is HERE<<<Link. The photos are only slightly larger (30-50%) but the details are even better there than here.

I’m not linking other posts right now because, you know, if you have the time to look at other posts, you also have the time to read the stories. And if you’ve already read the stories and voted, I’m impressed . . . and you might consider taking a few minutes to forward them to friends, family, and strangers. The writers will appreciate it.

Oh, what the heck . . . HERE’s<<link a post some might enjoy.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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