Scary animals and “N” stories voting

The voting for the Alphabet Challenge “N” Stories has been brisk. We currently have more total votes for this round than we’ve had for any previous round. I mean, nearly twice as some rounds.

It’s nice to imagine we’re building a following. You know, as in readers who will continue reading our stories for each subsequent round. Eh, one can dream.

You too can join the throng of “N” Stories voters. If you’ve not already done so, you can read the stories and cast a vote for your favorite of the three. Links to the stories and the poll for voting for “Alphabet Challenge N-Stories” are HERE.<<<Link

So, scary animals . . .

The plan was to use photos of everyday animals and — utilizing Topaz Restyle and Impression and Studio — make them the stuff of nightmares . . .

The problem is that most animals drift more toward cute than scary, even when you set them ablaze . . .

I think I would still feed it peanuts and walnuts . . .

Well, I guess I should give up . . .

The new Gallery for the reminder photos is HERE<<<Link.

Say, how about reading a detective story? For example, THIS ONE.<<link

Now, if you like that story, I wrote a sequel. You can read about the process HERE<<link but the actual MMMM story is HERE<<link.

BUT! Be aware that story is password protected (so I can preserve publishing rights). If you want to read it, leave a comment below and I’ll email you the password (no need to include the email; it shows up when I get a notice of the comment).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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8 Responses to Scary animals and “N” stories voting

  1. YAY, for brisk and a good number of votes! Can’t wait to find out the results! :-)

    HA! None of the animals scared me…I think they are very cool! The colors and textures so vibrant!

    Okay, the last one…”Mothra”…did freak me out a bit…it reminds me of a creature I saw in a sci-fi movie. (But it wasn’t the old Mothra movie. Ha. Another movie that I can’t remember the name of.)
    Still very cool and I see other faces in the background!

    Happy Sunny-Day to you and Melisa!!! (((HUGS)))

    Liked by 2 people

    • disperser says:

      Thanks, Carolyn.

      Yeah, the voting has been brisk . . . and a bit strange, with two stories see-sawing for the lead. We would normally see voting clumps (meaning, someone would pull ahead 3-4 votes and then lag as someone else pulled ahead), but this has been more of every other vote going for one of two stories. Perhaps because the humor/writing are similar.

      As for the animals . . . I’m glad you admit the moth processing was at least a bit freaky. It’s as close as I’ve seen an animal turn into a ghoulish vampire.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    I love the colors of the bird in the fence post. Very creative work!! Gorgeous and bright colors!


  3. AnnMarie says:

    OK, here goes:

    1st photo – the bird’s pose reminds me of portraits of powerful people (they always seem to look up) and therefore reflects a strong regal quality in the bird. The bold colors point to the fact that there’s nothing meek and hidden about this bird.

    2nd photo – The cool blues and greens of the bird mean he’s staying cool even when all around him is hot (red) and hotter (yellow)! Yup, there’s a lesson here.

    3rd photo – Could it be that this squirrel is a cousin of The Balrog? His hot, spiky rods of fire indicate he may be small, but plenty fierce!

    4th photo – Dark Vader’s wife! White is usually associated with purity and innocence. HOWEVER . . . it also gives the feeling of sterility and coldness (icy white!), void of any emotion . . . in isolation . . . engulfed by emptiness. I think this suits Light Vader very well.

    Liked by 1 person

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